For Her: 10 Natural Eye Makeup Tips

Who doesn’t want to look beautiful without applying much of makeup? It is a secret desire of every woman to look amazing and get admired for their looks. Everyone wants to carry a look that improves their personality and do not let them look like a white porcelain doll or a shining disco ball. This is one of the reasons why natural makeup has become so popular these days. A number of websites are available on the internet these days, where you can find tips to make your look better. Fabulive is one of such platforms but of a higher level, as along with offering you a number of beauty products, it offers you to find a collection of video of top beauty experts. Moreover, you can upload your own video to share your tips of how to make one’s look better. Being a live streaming makeup video platform, Fabulive provides you with a number of natural makeup tips. Below, find the best 10 tips of natural eye makeup that will make your look fresh and natural.

1. Neutral Eye Makeup

If you want to have a neutral eye makeup just like Jennifer Lopez, then opt for the lightest neutral shades from an eyeshadow palette. Apply it on the lashes and the crease to make your eyes look open up and natural. You do not need to apply any eyeliner and use an eyelash curler to define your lashes. Now, take mascara and apply it in upward motion but in such a way that it doesn’t form clumps and make your eyes look naturally beautiful. This type of makeup styles requires a soft hand and proper use of concealer so that your blemishes remain invisible.  

2. Smokey Natural Eye Makeup

You must be thinking how a natural eye makeup could be smokey, but in reality, it could be. You need to understand that natural eye makeup doesn’t mean you can’t have a dramatic eye look. It only means that you do not have to apply thick eyeliners and define the eyelids in such a way that the makeup on your eyes looks heavy. You neither need dark shade eyeshadows here nor false eyelashes. You need to take an eyeliner pencil and apply it in a lightly smudged way around the lower and upper eyelids. Just use the medium light shade eyeshadow and apply mascara a little bit more than usual. This will give you smokey eyes, yet the eye makeup will look natural.

3. Hooded eyes

This is a natural eye makeup style in which you use two eyeshadows of a lighter shade, but blend it in such a way that it looks one. In this eye makeup, you need to highlight the inner corner by using the whitest and the lightest shade in the eyeshadow palette. You only need mascara and no eyeliner to get this look in a perfect way.

4. Natural Eye Makeup with Eyeliner

Usually, natural eye makeup is done by applying eyeshadow and no eyeliner, but that’s where is a twist. Your focus will be more on the eyeliner rather than the eyeshadow, and you will be using one of the softest and lightest eyeshadow shades. This will give you a more refreshing look, and you can carry it whenever moving out. Use here the pencil eyeliner, make it lightly winged and pick the naked palette of. You can use false eyelashes if you want to make your eyes more expressive.

5. Warm Toned Brown Natural Eye Makeup

This is an eye makeup style in which you apply eyeshadow of warm-toned brown, which will make your eyes look beautiful. Now, apply very thin liquid eyeliner close to the lash line leaving no gap. Once you have done this, you can sweep in an upward motion mascara and avoid using false lashes, to make the eyes look natural. You may also use the nude shade on the corners of the eyes and do not forget to use the eye primer before trying this look.

6. Everyday Natural Eye Makeup

As a working woman, you do not get much time to do eye makeup properly every day. That is why you look for a simple eye makeup style that can be executed easily. You can do this by applying a light shade eyeshadow on the eyes and then draw a line with the help of pencil eyeliner. Once you are done with it, then curl your lashes, and you do not need to opt for mascara. You will have great eyes that will make you appear pretty all day long.

7. Light Gold Shimmer Natural Eye Makeup

This is a good way to have breathtaking results, as here you use color eyeshadows that are of light tones of brown with a bit of gold shimmer on the inner side of the eyes. You may use false eyelashes or mascara, depending on what you find comfortable and easier to carry. The result of this makeup style will be amazing and will let you receive showers of compliments.

8. Bright Eye Natural Makeup

You want your eyes to look brighter and appealing, and then this makeup would help you achieve it. It is a perfect option for those who haven’t got good night sleep but do not want to carry a confused look all day long so that you can choose any shade from the palette of balm nude eyeshadow. The lightest shade would look better. Also, use mascara to make your lashes look longer and noticeable.

9. Nude Shade Natural Eye Makeup

Use a darker shade of eyeshadow for your crease and softer nude shade for the eyelids. After applying this, you can use white pencil eyeliner for your lower lash line and black pencil eyeliner for your upper lashes. Make sure you apply thin line close to the lash line and then enhance the eyelashes with mascara. This will make your eyes look natural every day and you will be attractive without much effort.

10. Back to school eye makeup

You want to look younger and carry a high school natural eye look, then this one of the best option for you. Use neutral brown-toned creams and highlight the inner corners of the eyes. Now, pop the false eyelashes and move out in style. You need no eyeliner or an eyelash curler, and you look fresh and natural.


If you are someone who wants to looknatural but apply makeup, then the 10 tips mentioned above will be of great help for you. In addition, visit website to get more makeup tutorials. Thus, it will give you a broader idea of applying the different eye makeup products properly. Moreover, you can also purchase high-quality makeup products inFabulive makeup store at an affordable price. Get all in one place and look gorgeous!

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