5 Flawless Male Grooming Tips for 2019 and Beyond

Male grooming is something that often get’s over looked in comparison. Take pride in yourself this year with some flawless grooming and fashion tips & trends.

If there’s anything that frustrates women about potential suitors, it’s a lack of proper grooming. A well-groomed man is an unfortunate rarity. Too many men seem to lack the understanding of how essential a well-groomed appearance can be. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. With a little bit of work and knowledge, you can take some initiative and turn yourself around this year. Read on, and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about male grooming.

Get More Regular Trims

Get to know your barber, because you’ll be visiting a lot. Too many men wait until their hair gets completely unruly before visiting the barber. A well-groomed man should really be visiting the barber once every 4 weeks for a proper trim

That will ensure you’re looking sharp and refined every time you hit the streets. Having a barber you can rely on and visit frequently will help you achieve this goal.

Find The Right Scent For You

There are so many different kinds of cologne out there. But not all of them are winners. You don’t want to pick a scent that is too loud or obvious. The goal shouldn’t be to stop people in their tracks but to subtly lure them in. 

The best cologne or aftershave is a subtle part of your overall presence. Rather than owning eight or ten bottles, consider picking one or two of the best and sticking to them. Simplicity can be key in a well-groomed man.

Layer It Up

Too many men throw on a bulky coat and forget to prioritize their appearance once it gets cold. But proper wardrobe choice and layering can be essential when making a positive impression. 

Purchasing the right kind of outerwear is as essential as any pants or shirt. Looking through The North Face on Sale or other such sources can help lock down the perfect look.

Learn How To Manscape Properly

Another thing many men haven’t figured out is how to properly handle their own body hair. You should work hard to keep thing neat and tidy down there, just as you’d likely appreciate from another partner as well. 

It’s also best to keep a separate razor or device for this task. Using the same device you use to your shave your face can help keep things clean and sanitary.

Wash Your Face Each Night

Another simple grooming task many men fail to do is to wash their faces before bed each night. Washing down your face with a simple face wash takes less than a minute but can make an amazing difference in one’s appearance. 

A wash each night can help can make skin seem brighter and more appealing. It can limit acne or skin blemishes. It’s one of the best grooming routines you can integrate into your life. 

The Best Male Grooming Practices

Everyone deserves to look their best. If you haven’t been happy with your appearance the past, make 2019 the year you embrace male grooming and turn your appearance around. 

Need help embracing your manly side? Contact us with any questions you might have. 

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