Nearly 3/4 men are either obese or overweight and according to some studies, more than 50% of men don’t engage in a vigorous physical activity for more than 10 minutes. If this hasn’t convinced you to start living healthier, and not end up being obese and catching diseases, then at least start adopting better habits.

So what’s the secret of having beautiful and fit body figures? How some people have managed to make exercise a way of life? Is is both motivation and discipline. Let these simple tips motivate you to exercise more, fuel your body with healthy foods and achieve that healthy and amazing body figure that you’ve been always aimed for.



Some men lose tastes to stay motivated to work out because they tend to do same exercises day in and day out. The best way to beat this is through having alternate patterns exercises. Variation can also be done not only on exercise routines or food for your body, but for the mind as well. Proper discipline of the mind to achieve the purpose of building a healthier body is always the key to success.

Your body can get used to the same exercises if they are done over and over again. So, mixing up running with some martial arts, yoga or strength training like is a very good thing to consider. You may also consider focusing on building your upper body especially the arms like what you can gain from fat gripz benefits. For lower body, especially the legs, it will be best to engage in games like soccer to increase your stamina and endurance. 



Most people are finding it hard to stick with their planned diet and fitness routines. A good idea to make things actually work out is to have a fitness buddy. Except from having someone to share the motivation with, a fitness buddy can keep pulling on your fitness track reminding you of your goals. Find a buddy and you will feel more focused. Plus, you will both work harder to keep up and reach your goals.  


One good way to manage your diet is cooking at home. By doing so you can make sure you are only eating healthy foods on a healthy cooking habit. For instance, you can steam, grill, or bake rather than deep-frying and breading your food. Use healthy fats, like canola oil or olive instead of butter, and season with dried or fresh herbs, not salt. Also consider a good choice of good protein when considering meat on your diet and avoid those with excessive fat.

Although it can’t be avoided to eat out, keep in mind to order meals that are prepared in a healthy way and balanced out with nutrition. As much as you can, try to avoid fast food. 



Meat may have been your main staple for years, but as you improve your health, you should improve your nutrition as well. Eat less meat and add more fresh vegetables and fruits to your diet. Here are some easy ways to improve your diet: bulk up sandwiches with fresh greens and tomatoes, add some fruit slices into your bowl of cereal or throw some on fruit juicers or have a morning cup of yogurt. With such a diet you will maintain a healthy weight and you will feel full as well.  

Fruits and vegetables are proven to provide an overall impact in nutrition and wellness. A good balance of vitamins and micro nutrients will guarantee that you have endurance when doing both your fitness routines and daily activities.


As with diet, sticking with the same routine of exercises day in and day out you can lose your motivation and aptitude towards hitting your fitness goals. Taking up a new sport or just a few new exercises can ramp up your enthusiasm. For instance, you can play golf, or rent a rowboat and spend a few hours on a serene lake. Just make sure not to forget your fitness routine.

Experts considers this a positive fitness distractions. This simple activities will somehow divert your focus on your fitness routine but still indulge you to a degree of physical and mental activities varying from rest to vigorous degrees in a enjoying way without you even knowing.



One of the best tricks to get and stay motivated is to read articles that show how others have achieved their goals in fitness. You can also follow some popular fitness professionals on Instagram that will inspire you every day. Having these people a memento will make you just keep pushing forward towards achieving your dream body figure. 

While you can learn how other sacrificed to earn their body as trophy of their hardship, you can also learn their routines, food diet, and their lifestyle. Having a grasp of these additional information will bring great benefit towards your own fitness plan and execution.


If you follow this list, there will be setbacks and victories, ups and downs. Don’t strive for perfection, and focus instead on increasing healthy behaviors. All you need to do is to be patient. Results depends only on the price you paid to have it. These results may not be evident within two or three months from starting your fitness routines but when you continue it for 6 months or so, you will notice a big difference not only on physical structures of your body but the overall healthy and fit feeling inside.



Remember: DON’T GIVE UP! Solid results can only be evident in due time with consistent effort. Always drive yourself with motivation towards achieving your fitness goals. Fitness routines can be optimized when it is paired with healthy diet. Discipline also matters so you should be tough enough and man enough to actually make your fitness plans it to a success! 


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