Fish Oil – How Men Can Greatly Benefit

I’m sure you’ve already heard a lot about fish oil, and possibly even tried some yourself.  But here I want to provide some new and important information on the subject and discuss how you can personally take it to noticeably improve your overall health and life.
Before discussing what is fish oil good for and its health benefits, I need to quickly address the fact that quality matters and quality varies a lot between products.  So a study or a discussion on “fish oil” in general is somewhat meaningless because the products are so different from one another.
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We spent more than 2 years looking for a specific fish oil that will make you actually feel noticeably better every day.
Note:  In addition to taking fish oil to get high omega 3’s (specifically DHA and EPA) you will need to significantly lower the number of omega 6 fatty acids in your diet.  The ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 is important, not just the number of omega 3’s.
Most of us get far too many omega 6 fats in our diet. The simple way to lower omega 6 is to stop eating packaged foods (which contain high amounts of omega 6 oils to extend shelf life) and to use olive oil when cooking instead of most other vegetable oils.

3 Main Considerations When Choosing High-Quality Fish Oil:

1) Look for “triglyceride form”:

Most fish oil is in a synthetic “ethyl ester” form.  If the product doesn’t specifically say “triglyceride form” then it is likely in ethyl ester form since most of what on the market is.  Triglyceride form absorbs significantly better in the body than ethyl ester form, it’s just more expensive, therefore most companies won’t put it in this form.

2) Look for high DHA and EPA:

The main reason to take fish oil is to get high levels of DHA and EPA.  These are the most beneficial forms of omega 3’s. Even though something like flax oil is high in “omega 3’s” it is very low in both DHA and EPA.
You will get ALA in flax oil (another form of omega 3), but ALA converts very poorly to DHA and EPA. “Pure” fish oil is quite low in DHA and EPA, so you want to find a concentrated form.  
The problem is that when it is concentrated, the process of concentration converts the natural triglyceride form into ethyl ester form. So you need to make sure that it has been converted back into triglyceride form.  Look for over 200 mg of DHA and over 300 mg of EPA per 1000 mg capsule. (in triglyceride form)

3) Look for the lowest mercury and heavy metal levels

It is common knowledge that mercury and other heavy metals are extremely toxic to humans.  One of the many problems with our polluted oceans is that fish end up contaminated with these heavy metals.  
Some fish are much worse than others in this regard, and some of the modern distillation techniques are able to remove the vast majority of any remaining mercury and other metals.  Anchovies are one example of a fish that have low levels of these contaminants.
Ok, now that you know to look for high quality fish oil, let’s discuss the health benefits, specifically for men.
The reason there are so many potential benefits to taking fish oil is that the omega 3’s (DHA and EPA) become part of the basic building blocks of many of our cells.  They also regulate our hormones and hormone-like substances such as testosterone and prostaglandins.

Anti-Inflammation, Joint Pain, Migraine, General Pain

The omega 3’s found in fish oil significantly reduce inflammation.  DHA and EPA are anti-inflammatory. Omega 6 fats, on the other hand, are pro-inflammatory.  
**NOTE:  We still need some omega 6 in our diet, but most of us get far too many as it is.  A 1-1 ratio of omega 3 – omega 6 is considered ideal. Many people are worse than a 1:15 ratio! **
Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids compete for the same receptors. Omega 6 increases the amount and effect of prostaglandins (a pro-inflammatory hormone-like eicosanoid).  Omega 3’s, on the other hand, reduce the number of and lessen the effects of prostaglandins
In this way fish oil is a healthy alternative to ibuprofen and aspirin.  Reducing the excess inflammation in our bodies can greatly reduce our joint pain, chronic migraine, quicken our recovery time after workouts, as well as improve our overall health and well being.

Depression, Anxiety, and Mood

Men (and women) who are depressed and/or are generally in a bad mood often have low levels of DHA and EPA.  We need to obtain them through diet since our bodies can’t produce them. It has now been shown that obtaining these fatty acids through diet are able to help prevent depression and lessen the symptoms
Higher inflammation has been linked with anxiety.  In fact, researchers found several other mechanisms by which fish oil could help with anxiety symptoms.
Even if you don’t have clinical depression or anxiety, raising your omega 3 intake has been known to improve mood.

Heart Health – Lowering Triglycerides, Preventing Heart Attacks, And Death

This is an area when tons of research has been done.  As mentioned above, the quality and types of fish oil differ greatly from one another.  Fish oil, particularly a type with high EPA, has been shown to significantly reduce triglyceride levels and improve health outcomes in heart patients who are already on statin drugs and still have elevated levels.  It is one of the most popular supplements recommended by heart doctors to their patients.

Brain Health

High levels of DHA and EPA have also been shown to improve brain health and slow down memory loss.  

Best Fish Oil Supplements

Try our premium fish oil and enjoy the health benefits right away. You might also be interested in learning how highly absorbing non-buffered magnesium bisglycinate can help your heart and general health.

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