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The Menprovement Podcast: Episode 129

This is episode 129 of The MenProvement Podcast.  In this episode of The Menprovement Podcast I talk with Carl Logrecco.

About Carl

C.C. Logrecco started this company in La Jolla California in 2000, using a pre-paid cell phone from his truck. 17 years later he has consulted with entrepreneurs, businesses, authors of “The Secret” to billionaire Bill Bartmann. This fiery empath is nothing short of bold and straight up, yet a gentle beast when it comes to how business men show up and lead.
He has authored 4 books, including a best seller and has led hundreds of seminars and workshops on sales, marketing, leadership and personal growth. His most treasured accomplishment came during his trips to India, Africa, Haiti and Indonesia providing humanitarian aid to children.
His experience runs deep as his track record with his clients. Having suffered major setbacks personally and professionally, C.C. has reinvented himself more than once. In 2015 he reformulated his entire company to focus on elevating men and providing them with a framework for experiencing a deeper, more raw and accomplished journey.
Carl is based in California, but he works remotely with clients all over the US. When not consulting he spends most of his time travelling, fishing and with his main side kick, his daughter Tristin whom he delivered.

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