Fight a Macho Inside, or How to Become a More Romantic Courter in College

We can bet that in high school all your friends acted like typical machos or least tried to maintain a hardcore masculinity façade. It was so not cool to display emotions in front of your pals and talk politely. Cool guys made advances at and hooked up with girls (the more the better), threw wild parties, and drank alcohol. No doubts, you were told that girls liked machos, not gentle puppies. It’s a highly frustrating fact that in the 21st century, the time when we advocate gender equality and criticize machista mentality, we still continue perpetuating stereotypes against which the image of an ideal man is constructed. Still, now that you’re in college, it’s high time you started distinguishing between false and true values. If you keep on reading our article, you’ll realize how meaningless it is to maintain an image of a macho man, which, truth be told, is going out of fashion slowly but surely.

Notice, Listen, Compromise

How many times have you heard that men are not about being sensitive? Of course, it would be meaningless to argue that men are in no way inferior to their female counterparts in terms of prudence, wisdom, and ability to compromise in a relationship. In truth, men and women are fundamentally different. But it’s not a good enough excuse to justify our failure to come to terms with the representatives of the opposite sex. Once you realize that you’re truly into a girl, try noticing everything about her. What kind of coffee she likes, what makes her laugh, or, to the contrary, makes her mad. Life is all about nuances. Leave your high school egocentrism behind and try to be more open-minded and, yep, sensitive. Try to spend more time talking to your girl. Don’t interrupt. Make eye contact while listening. Of course, your way towards becoming an incurable romantic will be piled with tons of essays, research papers, and dissertations. But you shouldn’t give up. After all, you can get necessary help from Edubirdie.com, one of the most reputable essay writing services on the market. You may want to familiarize yourself with Edubirdie unsurpassed review to make sure that the service in question is worth your attention. Thus, you’ll win more time to devote to bonding with a girl you’re falling for.

Furthermore, it’s crucial that you learn to compromise. Remember that compromise is one of those whales upon which healthy relationships rest. Striving to have the upper hand in every argument and altercation has nothing to do with manliness. On the contrary, it’s testifies to your emotional immaturity and lack of self-confidence. It doesn’t mean that you should give in all the time. You also shouldn’t compromise with your principles and core beliefs for the sake of another person. Instead, try to be more lenient to your significant other and more willing to put yourself in her shoes.

Revive Chivalry and Introduce it into Relationship

Gone are the times of brave knights who would willingly sacrifice their lives for the sake of a fair lady… Lots of people perpetuate this idea, but you definitely shouldn’t. Though nowadays girls advocate feminist values, your girlfriend may appreciate your holding the door open for her or making sure she got home safe. Moreover, you shouldn’t forget about complimenting her on her dinner, haircut, physique, etc. At the same time, don’t let your compliments turn into overt flattery. Women can sense insincerity.

Be Romantic

Do you think that holding hands, candlelit dinners, flowers and chocolate candies are old-fashioned romantic nonsense? It’s not a secret that nowadays people tend to underestimate the role of romance in relationships. As is the case with acts of chivalry, romantic gestures are often regarded as unnecessary and somewhat naïve. Nevertheless, if you’re planning on building a long-term relationship with your crush, a portion of romance is exactly what you need. Don’t be afraid to display your affection and caring demeanor. You won’t look less manly if you buy your girl a bouquet of roses (or a single rose) without any occasion, escort her home after a date, or spice up your courtship period with romantic gestures.

In Conclusion

Being a macho may seem cool, but in real life the guys preoccupied with maintaining the alpha male image may end up all alone. Forget all machismo lessons taught by whipper-snappers at your high school and avail yourself of our recommendations. If you haven’t still got in a relationship, college is the best time to learn the ropes of courting and dating, and find true love. So, go for it.

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