How Much Will It Cost?

The rubber meets the road and engines roar as they propel majestic cars at incredible speeds, that is what Formula 1 is all about. It is not a cheap spectator sport, but neither should you break the banks just to enjoy your F1 holiday. Admission tickets for a day’s race can be around a hundred dollars and the average total when accounting for hotel booking and spending money, excluding the travel costs, can be around $500 – $1000.


Organised Tour Or DIY?

You can opt for a DIY approach for your F1 holiday tour or take the easy and though-out option of an organized tour. Both will boil down to personal preferences while also factoring in time and money. If you have a bit more to spend and wish to enjoy a hassle-free tour, then the organized tour is what to consider. Different F1 travel companies are there that offer specialized tours to F1 sports events and races. The DIY option also works if you are on a budget and have no qualms about managing your overseas travel using different resources such as what we offer, to help you plan your F1 holiday trip.


Buying F1 Tickets

If you are set to attending an F1 race, then you need to get tickets to the event, and you should know where to buy the tickets. Some Formula One race organizers have official channels where they have their ticket sales, and others can outsource from ticketing agencies. Given the different players, it is expected for the information on available tickets, the customer service and purchases process to vary significantly. The destination is often one of primary elements that influence this disparity. is one of the most reputable F1 ticketing agencies that we have partnered with for tickets to various F1 races on the Formula One calendar. It is a company that we have worked with for a long while and can vouch for their service excellence.


Getting There

Most F1 events are held in a location to close or in major cities. As such, this reduces the chances of paying any F1 surcharge or having to deal with the tedious process of booking flights. If you are to fly out to another state or the country for an F1 race, then do not be too quick to settle for a flight to an airport closest to the Formula One Circuit in the city. Consider booking your flight to other airports that are not so far to the city hosting the event; you may get cheaper tickets to your destination.


It is possible to find budget airlines to cities and towns that are hosting Formula anywhere in the world. For instance, you can consider Air Asia if you are headed to SE Asia or Easyjet or Ryanair if heading to Europe. Check out Skyscanner to find all affordable flight options you can choose. Also remember to check out other travel options such as bus, train, taxi, ferry, or self-drive once you arrive at the airport. There are plenty of companies out there will organise your trip to say Monaco or the Italian Grand Prix and if you want to pay more and cut out the hassle this can be a good way to go. For instance look at these Italian Grand Prix packages – you could organise it yourself but it’s tempting when some else does it for you – even if there is a premium.


Where To Stay

Camping is one of the cheapest and popular accommodation options available during the European Formula One season. You only need a camper van or a bike with your backpack and tent with you are you make your plans for your weekend stay are you enjoy the F1 action.


If you are thinking along the lines of getting a cozy room, then a hostel will be an affordable option. You will not miss hostel-style accommodation in most towns and cities that host F1. The hostels are perfect for the young and upcoming Formula 1 fans and the solo travelers who are on a budget. Sharing the room can also help cut the costs thought is also cuts the luxury.


Budget hotels are also not hard to find. Expect to spend around $100 – $150 for booking a double room in a budget hotel during the F1 race weekend. However, the location matters because you want somewhere you get a fantastic deal that is also close to public transportation options to avoid spending more on taxis. If you have a bit more to spend, then the mid-range hotels are a luxurious option, and they are never in shortage in the various cities around the world that host Formula One event. A double room in these hotels will costs around $200 – $300 per night, and you will spend $500 or more per night if you book a double room in a five-star hotel. Prices vary depending on the location of the hotel.


Since the F1 circuits are located close to or in large cities or towns, looking for accommodation close to or in the same towns or cities can help lower the overall costs of your stay. You will reduce the daily commute and the costs of the same to and from the F1 circuit. You may find some accommodation booking site that let you reserve a room without asking for down payment. Some even have free cancellation if other circumstances change your plans forcing you to cancel the trip. Consider Airbnb if you are planning for an F1 destination in the USA, Australia or Canada.


What To Pack

Avoid packing too much for your trip and do not worry much if you forget to carry something, you can buy it at your destination. The idea is to leave some room for the Formula One gifts and merchandise you may get for yourself, your family and friends. Carry clothes that are both practical and comfortable, and this also goes for the shoes, because you will do plenty of walking as you cover the vast spread of the F1 race circuit.


Find out the weather conditions you can expect during your stay so that you can pack accordingly. Remember to carry a pair of sunglasses and a decent camera with two empty memory cards so that you can capture the various fun moments of the race weekend.


On The Ground

Research a little before heading out to your Formula One destination. Find out about how you will get to your hotel and the travel option from there to the race tracks. You can print the map or save it on your smartphone. Also, remember to buy the official race program for the event before you leave or once you arrive at the airport.


And get different news and information sources about the local people and possible event that coincide with the Grand Prix weekend. Since you will cover some distance between the hotel and where the F1 will be held, it also would be nice to see what other things and places of interest you can find along the way at you move to and from the race tracks each day of your short stay.



Always have a small backpack with you when leaving for the race track. In it, you can have a spare t-shirt, a cap, sunblock, camera, small umbrella, and a rain jacket to help you be ready for any unexpected weather changes. You also should consider packing something to eat and drink because food prices at the track are high. Most circuits do not allow fans in with glass bottles or containers; so carry your food and drinks in paper or plastic containers and bottles.


Try and orient yourself with the entry and exit points once you are on the F1 circuit. Check the ticket for circuit map and ensure that you keep the ticket safe in a secure place readily available for the inspector when asked to see it. It will be crowded when the day’s events end and people are leaving the track, so be careful with your belongings. Delay your exit from the place by half an hour or so to allow the crowd to disperse and also avoid getting squeezing during your journey back home on the bus or train.


A fun and memorable experience for the Formula One weekend would be walking down the pit after the end of day’s races to join with other fans at the podium celebrations. Most circuits will open their grounds for fans after the race is over, and this is a perfect opportunity to have an up-close view of the podium and be close to finish line.


Irrespective of everything, all the planning, you are out there to have fun. You will be among the lucky few that get the opportunity to watch the Grand Prix event live; most fans (around 500 million) watch the Formula One race on TV. The live experience is also the perfect opportunity to meet and make friends with other F1 fans from around the world.


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