The art of Tantra has been practiced for over 9,000 years. It’s origins have been traced back to the Himalayan Mountains in India, where religious leaders believed that sexual ritual was the path to a higher form of ecstasy and liberation.

Today’s tantric massage takes the teachings of Tantra and translates them into a full-body experience. A traditional massage is heightened by incorporating breathing exercises and genital stimulation. The tantric massage is a must for anyone looking for complete mind and body relaxation, with the added benefit of a ‘happy ending’. Here are eight reasons why every man should book a tantric massage the next time he visits the parlor.

1. Relax Your Body

A tantric massage relaxes much more than just your aching back and shoulders. Every part of your body is meticulously cared for, not one area being ignored. Many first timers are surprised that they can remain so relaxed while getting aroused at the same time, but tantric massage seeks to satisfy and relax your entire being at once.

2. Improve Your Breathing

Tantric massage incorporates many breathing techniques that have been proven effective for centuries. The breathing methods you will use during your massage will help to enhance the overall experience and moreover teach you how to use breathing to control your natural bodily responses.

3. Emotional Healing

Tantric is first and foremost aimed at your emotional well-being. While there are wonderful physical attributes, you can expect even greater results emotionally. As you learn to receive pleasure, self-esteem and self-worth are heightened, leading to a better overall happiness.

4. Experience Pleasure

Pleasure comes in many forms during the tantric massage. You will have pleasure from your muscles relaxing, pleasure from the spiritual balance it brings and pleasure from your sexual energy being replenished and fulfilled. Most of the time the arousal experienced during the massage leads to orgasm, which is welcomed but not the overall goal.

5. Become Self-Aware

There is no better way to become aware of your very self than by giving up complete control in every aspect to another person. A tantric massage requires you to abandon inhibitions and insecurities and lay them at the hands of the masseuse. As every part of your body is given complete attention, you will get to know yourself in new ways and discover parts of your inner-being that you weren’t previously aware of.

6. Better Health

The tantric massage will improve your circulation, emotional well-being, and decrease your stress levels. All of these things will leave you in better health, with an improved physical and emotional outlook going forward.

7. Curb Impulses

The breathing techniques that you acquire during a tantric massage will help you to control your most natural human impulses. Many find that issues they once had, such as premature ejaculation, are significantly helped once they learn how to re-focus their minds and enjoy pleasure in the present moment rather than as a means to an end.

8. Fight Stress

Any massage will help those dealing with stress, but the tantric massage takes it one step further than simply relaxing your body. Since tantric focuses on your emotional, physical, spiritual and sexual health all at once, you will leave with a renewed sense of self and lowered stress as a result of it.

If you are considering a tantric massage, the benefits are obviously much more than simply helping pain or stiffness in your body. You may have never experienced a prolonged feeling of arousal, but the end result will likely be more powerful than you ever could have imagined. Give yourself the gift of unsurpassed pleasure and book your tantric massage today.

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  1. There are so many benefits to a tantric massage. I guess it is quite surprising that more people aren’t aware of it. Do you think there is certain taboo surrounding the practice? It’s important to remember just how old and traditional the basics of the practice are. Fundamentally it serves the same purpose of other massages – to relax, curb stress and take a break from the hardships of everyday life.

    • Yes Paige,

      I definitely think people view it as sort of “immoral” like getting a happy ending at an asian massage parlor.

      But I agree, it is a very therapeutic and beautiful thing.

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  4. Tantra is something amazing, everyone shall try it at least once in a lifetime. And not even man, there’s an option for women also, its named Yoni massage:)

  5. […] be a relief not only physically but also mentally. There are plenty of articles detailing exactly how tantric massages help you deal with pain in a scientific way. There are plenty of names of hormones and chemical balances that happen when a […]

  6. Sensual massage has a lot of benefits. I found that out by visiting Artemis Masaj in Bucharest. It’s a parlor where erotic massage is taken to the next level.
    Try going there with your boyfriend, it really spices up the sex life afterwards! 😀


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