The dating world is changing and it’s changing fast.

I remember a conversation I had with my grandmother when I told her that I have a Thai girlfriend who I met online. My grandmother has actually lived in Thailand for over a decade, she knows the culture and she even knows what online dating is, which is pretty surprising when you consider her age.

My grandmother has actually lived in Thailand for over a decade, she knows the culture and she even knows what online dating is, which is pretty surprising when you consider her age.

She is happy for me and said that I made a good choice. At the same time, however, she said that I can be lucky that I live in this day and age.

“If you would have dated a woman from Thailand twenty years ago, the whole town would be talking about you. No matter how educated she is or how wealthy her family is, you would have been the talk of the town. Things were different back then.”

Yes, they were different.

Back then every Western man who had a girlfriend from any Asian or Eastern European country was immediately labeled as a creepy sex tourist. Oh, and his girlfriend or wife was of course a mail order bride that he ordered via FedEx.

Not so long ago, these kinds of relationships were anything but normal. People would talk about you, they would say things like “just look at these two” and they would judge you for your decision to date outside of your race and outside of your country.

What about today?

Well, there are still some people who judge and who gossip, but more and more people accept international dating as the new norm. We live in a globalized world and expatriation has changed the dating world and will continue to change it…

Interracial Dating Will Become the Norm

When I think back to the time when I studied in England, I remember wild parties, amazing friendships and a lot of interracial couples.

At that time I was dating a girl from Malaysia. My roommate dated a girl from the Caribbean. The guy next to our house had a relationship with a beautiful Brazilian woman.

Heck, there was even a skinny Asian guy who was dating a blonde bombshell. A lot of guys were jealous of him.

But I don’t want to talk about jealousy. I want to talk about how normal it was for me and for others to date outside of their race. There were no conflicts and no gossiping. Believe it or not, but it was just normal.

And I have bad news for all the racists. Even though interracial and international dating is not the norm yet, it will be completely normal in a couple of years ago. Remember, we live in a globalized world.

I am an expatriate in Thailand. You might become an expatriate in another country. Maybe you leave your country for your dream job. Maybe you leave your country because you met the woman of your dreams.

You might not believe me right now because international and interracial dating is still a taboo topic for some people, but in a few years or decades from now on it will be completely normal. I honestly can’t wait.

Technology Companies Will Help Long-Distance Couples

The idea of what’s normal in terms of relationships is not the only thing that will change. The rising expatriate movement will also have an influence on the tech industry.

Maybe some creative entrepreneur will read these lines and come up with an idea that’s worth millions. In case you are this entrepreneur, make sure that you give me at least one million as a little thank you.

Just kidding! (No seriously, do it)

How could the expatriate movement possibly change the tech industry?

Of course I could be completely wrong, but I predict that there will be way more long-distance relationships in ten years than there are now. In many cases international dating inevitably results in long-distance relationships that are at least temporary.

I mean, Skype is absolutely awesome and without it I probably wouldn’t have survived the time when I was in Germany and my girlfriend in Thailand. But maybe there’s even a better solution. There’s always a better solution. You just need the perfect idea. Someone? Anyone?

Digital Nomads Destroy Negative Stereotypes

My girlfriend comes from a quite wealthy family. She is educated and studies at a reputable university. Nobody has ever looked at us in a way that says “look at this Farang with his bar girl girlfriend”.

But how would we have been treated as a couple thirty years ago?

Well, I guess thirty years ago her parents wouldn’t have approved this relationship. That was a time when every white guy was seen as a sex tourist and every Thai woman who dated a white guy was seen as a bar girl.

Today there are thousands of educated expats in Bangkok and dating a foreigner has become normal in Thailand. At the same time, the negative stereotype that all white men are looking for go-go bars has been destroyed.

I have heard the same from a good friend of mine who lives in Brazil. He also told me that a couple of decades ago every Brazilian woman who dated a Gringo was looked at as if she was a prostitute. Nowadays these relationships are lot more normal and accepted.

The Future Generation Will Grow Up Multilingual

The increasing expatriation will continue to change the dating world, but it will also have an impact on the result of this new dating world.

What do I mean by “result”?

Well, I couldn’t find a better word for it, but with “result” I mean the little human beings that are created in all these interracial and international relationships of the future. Many of them will have access to different cultural beliefs and different value systems. Most of them will grow up bilingual and sometimes even with three or more different languages.

I personally believe that this can be a huge benefit and that the impact that expatriation has on the dating world can lead to more cultural understanding and higher levels of education. I don’t know if I am the only one, but if you are a dreamer like me, you can share your thoughts in the comments below.

In Conclusion

Expatriation has already changed the dating world and it will continue to change it. In a few years or decades when international dating is the norm, your kids will grow up with two or even three languages.

Thanks to the expatriation and digital nomad movement, negative stereotypes will get replaced by positive new insights. And maybe you are the lucky one who invents something that makes life even easier for long-distance couples than Skype.


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