Top 7 Exercises for Building a Strong Core & Sexy 6-Pack

Top 7 Exercises for Building a Strong Core & Sexy 6-Pack

The core muscles of your body need to be strong to perform daily tasks, and your abdominal muscles look great with definition. There are a lot of different exercise you can choose from that target the core of your body, but the seven exercises provided get the job done the best.

You have to exercise if you want to transform your body into what you want to see in the mirror. Results will come if you train enough for them to.

What are Core Muscles?

Your core muscles are the ones that surround and protect your spine. They can be outer or inner muscles including your abs, spinal erectors, obliques, and diaphragm. When you perform core exercises, you do movements that cause your spine to go under strain, which causes these muscles to activate and protect the spine against any harm.

Safety is always paramount. You need to perform all core exercises with proper form to prevent any injuries from occurring.

1. Planks

Planks are one of the easiest exercises to practice and make perfect for the core training and abdominal usage. They can be performed virtually anywhere that has some open space for you to lay down with little foot traffic, and are great for home or hotel use.

The key to performing this exercise properly is maintaining a neutral spin position throughout the exercise. Improper form could cause back pains.

2. Reverse Crunches

Reverse crunches take the direct impact off of your spine, which digs into the ground during regular crunches. This exercise targets your abdominal muscles and lower back primarily.

The only issue with this exercise is too frequent of use could still lead to back problems because of how you have to round your back out. Still a great exercise that surely develops six pack abs when performed properly.

3. Russian Twists

This exercise is a twisting motion that is performed while seated on the ground with your feet slightly off the ground. They target your abs, obliques, and other core muscles. They may be one of the most intense core exercises out there that will surely make you work hard for your goals.

You can add a medicine ball into the workout for extra training resistance. This is actually not the easiest exercise to perform, but once you get the execution down you will thoroughly enjoy the gains receive from it.

4. Hanging Leg Raises

The hanging version of the leg raise is performed on a pull-up bar or something similarly sturdy and high. You basically hang with your arms fully extended and raising your legs up and together.

Your core muscles and hip flexors will receive the targeted focus, but you also get a nice upper body workout in as well. The key tip for performing this exercise is to tighten your body and squeeze your abs while raising your legs.

5. Medicine Ball Decline Sit-Ups

Here is another exercise that does not involve your body having to be directly on the ground for a change. The medicine ball places extra resistance on your abs, which need this to actually develop into defined muscles.

Decline sit-ups are performed on a decline bench with foot holders to keep you from sliding back. You hold the medicine ball above your head as you sit up for best results.

6. Standing Weighted Oblique Crunches

Yes, there are actually crunching exercises that can be performed while standing. You grasp a dumbbell in one hand, and lean over sideways to crunch your obliques.

Other muscles worked are your abs, arms, and shoulders as well. While performing the standing oblique crunch, you have to have your feet shoulder width apart to maintain balance.

7. Suite Case Deadlifts

You perform this exercise with only one dumbbell because it is considered a unilateral exercise, which means only one side is weighted. The point of this is to cause your body to go off balance naturally, and your core muscles have to counter this strain and contract against the spine for protection.

You need to use at least a moderately weighted dumbbell to benefit from the exercise. This is a full body workout and very beneficial when used once a week.

Maintain Proper Form

Proper form is everything when training your core muscles. Even the slightest alignment imperfection of your spine could cause recurring back aches. Take the time to practice each exercise before jumping into a full scale workout program.

Stretching may possibly benefit you by warming up your muscles and joints prior to being sent into contractions. This could help prevent injury and cause better strength gains to take place.

There you have it folks, make these 7 core exercises an addition to your ab workouts and get to enjoy the luxury of a strong core and sexy 6-pack.


  1. Thanks for the article, I think plank is one of the most simple and effective exercises for a strong core. Do you think pushups help strengthen our cores? What core muscles does it help?


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