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Whats up guys

This is my first article here on menprovement and its about something I feel very passionate about.

I have been using Deer Antler Velvet for the last year with incredible results. BuckPower to be exact.

The thing that I have noticed most about deer antler velvet is my increase in recovery time. Its absolutely insane. I used to walk like I was plowed in the ass for at least 2 days after a heavy leg workout at the gym. Now I hit my legs even harder and I feel like I can go again the next day.

We’ve got a sweet infographic on deer antler velvet that really makes things clear.

Check it out:

Deer Antler Velvet

The company that brought you this beautiful illustration also sells deer antler velvet. You can check it out here. Apparently they are the first company to actually bring deer antler velvet to the U.S so  i’m sure you can find some reviews online.

Me personally, I have only ever used Buckpower Antler Velvet so I cannot comment on the above brand.

What I do know is that BuckPower has given me all of the following and more

1) Increase in strength

2) Increase in endurance

3) Ridiculous recovery times. I feel like if I had the time I could workout twice a day.

4) Zero knee pain. I played lacrosse as a goalie in college. I’m sure if you ever played the sport you know lacrosse goalies get the shit beat out of them. I had stiff knees for years before I started using the stuff including tendentious, and now i’m pain free, which makes sense because it is known to heal injuries.

I buy my Buckpower from Vitacost, but you can literally get it anywhere (GNC, Vitaminne Shop, etc.).

You can check it out on VitaCost here.

So I really just wanted to shed some light on a supplement that I know works wonders and can help you out in w.e your goals may be.

The supplement itself is still fairly under the radar and I truly believe men everywhere should know about it.

So if you think its for you give it a shot, it may just be exactly what you need.

– Marc

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  1. The highest quality deer antler velvet is produced by Antler Farms. We are highly selective in what goes into our deer antler velvet and how we process it. We are dedicated to making a highly concentrated, potent product. Give us a shot, Marc!


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