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Before we begin, give yourself a pat on the back — you’ve plucked up the courage and done the deed, you got the date. For many guys, this is the most difficult part, and you’ve probably been grinning from ear to ear for the past few days. Sure, you deserve to enjoy the feeling for a while, but now isn’t the time to rest on your laurels.

You need to make sure that you pass the first date with flying colours, and dressing the right way is a huge part of this process.

To help you out, we’ve decided to share ten of our most essential style tips for the lonely soul about to head out on his first date. So sit down, concentrate, and make sure you take notes — this stuff is important.

Don’t be too Casual

We know that you want to come off as calm, cool, and relaxed but you don’t want to be so laid back you’re horizontal. Dressing too casually broadcasts a message that you couldn’t be bothered, and what lucky lady wants to go out with a man that couldn’t put in the effort to get dressed properly?

Avoid sweatpants, hoodies, and anything else with a stretch waist or adjustable toggles — you may as well have just left the house in your pyjamas. You need to wear clothes that a civilised human male would wear, like a nice pair of jeans or a smart shirt. You’re not off to the gym after all.

Dinner Date? Up the Smartness

If you have arranged to go out for a meal with your date, you should ensure that you dress accordingly. A nice restaurant requires a nice outfit, so you need to up the level of smartness to reflect this — a blazer or smart jacket paired with a sharp shirt, like this Ted Baker Evrytoo shirt from Kings & Dukes, will do the trick.

Be wary of overdoing it with a suit though, especially if you are heading out to a mid-range restaurant, as you are likely to make your date feel underdressed. If you are going to some place with a Michelin star then fine, but you don’t want to be the dork trying not to get peri-peri sauce on his new threads in Nandos.

Wear Clothes That Fit You

It is amazing how many men persevere with clothes that just don’t fit them properly. Bulky jacket shoulders, baggy jumpers, and trousers with a hem so high they could arguably be shorts don’t do anyone any favours.

When you shop for your date outfit, take the time to make sure that your clothes fit before you buy them. Pay attention to this handy chart from Esquire too — it’s a lifesaver.

Strike The Right Balance With The Aftershave

Slapping on just the right amount of well-chosen aftershave can be a huge plus point in your favour, as women like to have a man that both looks good and smells nice. Forget all that hogwash about secret fragrances that are guaranteed to drive a woman crazy, snake-oil salesmen have been hawking that tired old line since time began.

Instead, spend extra time trying on different products to find the right scent for you. Scents smell differently on each individual, so don’t be afraid to take a female friend along to help you judge — unless you have a male buddy who is comfortable following you around sniffing your wrist.

Men’s Fitness has a complete guide if you are totally clueless about the whole thing.

Don’t Experiment with Grooming Styles

Before a date, spend your time in front of the mirror doing what you already do well. Your potential lady-friend didn’t agree to go out with a guy with a slick new rockabilly haircut, she chose to go out with you, as you were at the time of asking.

No matter how tempted you may be to try out shaving a line through your eyebrow or to give that new beard style a whirl, you need to resist. Keep it simple and keep it the same.

Don’t take your skin for granted either. If you don’t already have a skincare routine, it might be time to consider one. Do a little research and read the latest moisturizer, toner, and dark circle eye cream reviews. In doing so, you won’t look like a zombie on your first date.

Play it Safe with Jeans or Chinos

Wondering which trousers you should wear? You can’t go far wrong with a pair of dark jeans or tidy chinos. Both of these styles are versatile enough to match pretty much anything you throw on top, and you can trust that they will complete the smart look you are going for. Your jeans or chinos will also go well with a pair of nice shoes.

Shoes Matter

As every sagely grandmother has repeated at some point in their life: ‘You can always tell a gentleman by his shoes.’ While the idea of a man’s shoes being a window into his soul might be lost on some, the importance of footwear in the first date outfit cannot be overstated.

This means that you need to leave your running trainers in your gym bag and invest in a pair of shoes to be proud of.

Brogues, deck shoes, and other stylish lace-ups should be the priority on your shopping trip, but you can also throw on a tidy pair of plimsolls if the date will have a more casual vibe. There are also trends to avoid that you should be aware of, such as the ones rounded up in this article from Fashion Beans.

Don’t Express How Interesting You are with Your Outfit

Everyone knows or has seen that guy who, quite literally, wears his heart on his sleeve. You know who we mean, the man in the hat or the slogan t-shirt — clothing choices that scream ‘look at me, I’m special’. Whatever you do, please don’t be tempted to be that guy, especially on your first date.

Believe it or not, it is possible to express the kind of person you are through the art of conversation, without physically spelling it out for everyone. Play it cool and understated, and if you are that guy, please take the night off.

Make Sure you Wear Something that You Feel Comfortable In

One of the most important things to remember about your first date style is to get the balance right between looking great and feeling comfortable. If you leave the house thinking that you look like a million pounds, it is very likely that this thought will translate into a sense of self-confidence and relaxation that will serve you well on your date.

Always prioritise clothes that you feel comfortable when putting together your outfit, within reason of course. The last thing you need is a nagging worry about whether your new clothes suit you when you are trying to have a good time.

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Follow these essential style tips and you will stand yourself in the best stead possible for having a successful first date.



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