5 Essential Items to Have on any Outdoor Adventure


Albert Einstein once proposed that if you look deep into nature, you will have a deeper and fuller understanding of the world.

While that may be true, don’t go looking too deep into nature until you have all the correct kit to be able to cope with it. The last thing you want is to be stranded in the wilderness without an essential item, as you are bound to suffer without it.

But what are the most essential items to take with you on a hike? By using this guide you will be introduced to the most essential survival equipment, and you may also learn a few tips along the way!

Appropriate footwear

One of the easiest mistakes to make when hiking is not wearing appropriate footwear. While you may have run hundreds of miles in your trainers and place your faith in them, they will be no match for the perils of the great outdoors.

They simply do not offer the toe protection or ankle support that is required when navigating rough terrain such as stubborn tree roots, jagged rocks, or muddy swamps.

One of the best investments you can make is in a pair of good hiking boots, as not only will they afford you more protection, but they will also improve your speed when out walking. It’s important to choose hiking boots that fit you well to reduce the chance of blisters on long walks, but beware, as they do not usually conform to conventional sizing.

Reputable shoe outlets such as Charles Clinkard offer a generous 35 day returns policy, so if your shoes don’t fit you have plenty of time to exchange them for ones that do.

A Light Source

You’d be surprised how quickly you lose light when hiking, so make sure that you’re prepared to illuminate your surroundings if you find yourself in darkness. While a battery-powered torch is fine, in an ideal world you will use a torch with an energy supply that isn’t finite.

Outdoor equipment specialists Mountain Warehouse offer an inexpensive wind-up torch. Every hiker should carry one of these with them, so make sure you have one for everybody in your party.

A First Aid Kit

It would be naïve to venture on a hike without first packing a first aid kit, especially given how compact and inexpensive the average kit is. While you can find first aid kits that will cover everything from a papercut to a compound fracture, the likelihood is that anything more severe than a sprain should result in you visiting a hospital anyway.

Don’t be tempted to splurge money on an outdoor survival kit when really all a first aid kit needs to contain are blister plasters, bandages, and sterile wipes. Hopefully you will never have to use yours, but nevertheless they are an essential.

A Pen Knife

Whether it’s used for opening a tin of food, cutting a line of rope, or freeing a wild deer trapped in netting, a pen knife can be an extremely diverse and useful tool in the outdoors. A regular pocket knife will work fine, but all serious hikers should buy a Swiss Army Knife.

Swiss Tool are a Swiss Army Knife superstore, and stock knives that are available in classic and contemporary designs.

They are also customisable if you wish to gift one to a fellow hiking enthusiast! As well as the items mentioned here, you should also remember to pack plenty of food and water for your hike, as the human body will be the most important tool when out on a long, strenuous walk. You will do well to look after that!

In Conclusion

In the end, adventure is what the masculine soul was made for. We need to breathe fresh air, taste cold water, run naked through the woods (why not?!) and live a life of fun and amazing experiences.

By preparing properly you will allow yourself to enjoy adventure more fully. So get prepared and get out there!

BONUS ITEMS! Trekking Poles and Camping Blankets

Trekking poles are every hiker’s best friend! If you want to learn more go here. If you don’t want to freeze at night, get a blanket here.


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