10 Essential Pieces of Equipment You Need for Home Gym

If you have room in your home compound like a garage space that is not in use, you can make a home gym which can be a worthwhile investment. Working every day at the office is pretty tasking, and for most people, thinking about going to the gym located in another area can be a tasking decision and people would rather go home to rest.

But if you have a gym at home, you have no excuse for not working out, because of the convenience it provides. So, if you think about having the gym in your garage, how would you go about equipping it with the right equipment? How will you know what to get to make it an all-round gym?

For home gyms, the best protocols and exercises are done using free weights. You can incorporate strength& conditioning training as you also look at working on core stabilization and flexibility as movements you need to work on.

To accomplish this plan, you need the right tools. To get a shot at starting a good home gym, you need the following 10 items to start off.


The types of workouts you can do with dumbbells are endless, that is why they are the essential gym tools that you need to have. Get hex-shaped dumbbells that have a rubber coating that is black. These types of dumbbells are the most durable and they are the most comfortable to use. Purchase three to five sets of different weight ranges to accommodate the types of dumbbell exercises you will be doing for strength training.


Some people will tell you that you don’t have to go for kettlebells because they are not that common in home gyms. There are movements that are unique to kettlebells, while some exercise routines are more challenging, and some work better with the use of kettlebells. Kettlebells are certainly a worthwhile investment because they add a new twist to your workout. When purchasing kettlebells, look for those that have smooth handles and the one that are big.

Pull Up Bar

As the name suggests, pull up bars are used for pull-ups, but their use goes further than that. There are some gymnastic exercises that can be done on a pull-up bar. You can either install a pull-up bar system on the doorway, but you can also have a part of the wall where you can mount a bar. If pull-ups are hard to do, you can get some resistance bands to help you.

Recumbent bikes

There are a number of benefits that users have while using recumbent bikes. it offers a great way of working out and losing a couple of pounds. Whether you are a fan of cycling who wants to be active in the winter season, or you want to exercise at home using bikes, you can go for a recumbent bike. You can use it as a warm up machine to get your blood flowing before going for our workout regimen. There are different kinds of recumbent bikes to choose from, but you can consult to find the right one that fits your budget and use.


To add a different degree of workouts, rings are a great addition to your home gym. They can also be carried when you are traveling because they are lightweight. Gymnastic rings provide the ability to increase the workout variations by adding very different gymnastic exercises. When purchasing rings, ensure that you get a lightweight brand that makes it easy for someone to hang.

Medicine ball

A medicine ball is a great tool that is used for plyometric exercises and core strength movements. A medicine ball is important because it allows you to go for many options; whether you are carrying it, throwing it or doing some abs exercises, it works perfectly well on your body. When purchasing a medicine ball, go for a medicine ball that is soft, so that it is easy to do exercises that involve throw & catch. If weight is something you are not sure of, lean on lighter medicine balls because most of them are used to improve power and speed.


A barbell is one of the most important gym tools you cannot afford not to have. Barbells function like free weights; they are far much better when compares to the gym machines because they offer coordination and stabilization during a workout. When purchasing for barbells, look for solid barbels that are not too expensive nor too cheap. Also, consider the diameter of the bar relative to your hands.


Jumping in the gym is a common practice, and what is the best equipment to jump on? Well, you guessed it, its the plyo-box. These boxes are great for building power. You can use them to do bench dips, instead of a dip station, non-jumping workouts and for squatting. You can even build your own instead of purchasing one.

Weight plates

Since you have purchased barbells, you now need to go for weight plates. Purchase some weights of different weight ranges. You can get some 2.5 lbs, 4lbs, 10lbs, 25lbs and also 45lbs. Unless you are planning to go pro in workouts or you are training for the Olympics, you can go for rubber bumper plates.

Stereo system

Workout sessions are done even more explosively with good music playing in the background. Do not disregard a stereo, because it is an important part of a gym workout session.


When you purchase these items and you research on different exercise on the internet that you can use with the listed gym equipment, you can confidently end up with a long list of different exercise regimen for excellent workouts. If you don’t manage to purchase all the equipment in one go, you can start slowly by building a gym one equipment at a time. If you want to purchase items on a budget, get to Craig’s list or your local classifieds for great deals.

It is not easy to work on your own, but if you are self-motivated and you love working out, it is better to invest in your gym than spending money for monthly subscriptions that you may attend on occasion.

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