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For many men, sexual performance is an important part of the sexual experience as they strive to please their partner and achieve greater intimacy as well as greater pleasure and enjoyment from sex. However, it is not uncommon for men’s performance and pleasure to be affected by various conditions such as Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease or premature ejaculation.

In order to overcome these inhibitions to sex life that they desire, many men are beginning to resort to erection boosting pills and supplements to achieve the change that they are looking for.

This article is going to explain the potential dangers and effects of taking such supplements and also reveal some natural alternatives that you can safely try out today to start getting you the results you are looking for.

It will also cover some of the latest scientific breakthroughs that are beginning to help men conquer erectile dysfunction, even with increasing age, and reclaim their sexual performance as well as preventing any future issues of this ever happening again.

Recreational Erection Pills: A Danger to Men’s Sexual Health

To accomplish maximum sexual performance, many men take pills known as phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors—you may know them as Viagra®, Cialis® and Levitra®—even though they do not suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), which are these drugs’ intended use.

In fact, according to a study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research, sildenafil (Viagra®) usage among 18-45 year old men is the largest growing Viagra® market, with a 312% increase in usage from 1998 to 2002 alone, and the number of men seeking out male enhancement products are continuing to increase.

Disturbingly, many younger men gain access to Viagra® and its counterparts without a prescription, purchasing the little blue pill from black market sources or through online pharmacies which do not adequately assess the health requirements of their customers.

Using these drugs without medical need can cause damage to your health and actually become disadvantageous to your sexual performance with their continued use.

The Health Risks of Recreational Erection Pill Use

For men without erectile dysfunction who take Viagra®, Cialis® or Levitra®, serious health complications may manifest. Psychological dependence can occur in which men become fearful that, without the ED drugs, they will not achieve the same quality of erection, and will actually experience performance anxiety unless they take that little blue pill.

Consequently, men who habitually take phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors can actually develop erectile dysfunction in which they are no longer able to achieve a healthy erection for a sustained timeframe, even with the ED drugs. Other risks include:

– Fatally mixing erectile dysfunction medication with illegal drugs such as methamphetamines, cocaine and ecstasy.

– Cardiovascular complications, especially if you have blood pressure issues, congestive heart failure or coronary artery disease, or take nitrate medication for chest pain. Nitrates taken with phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors could cause hypotension; further cardiac complications and can even result in death.

– Increased risk for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and increased risk for sexually risky behaviors like multiple sex partners or participating in unprotected sex.

All of these risks are in addition to the side effects of Viagra®, Cialis® and Levitra® in which men with and without ED can experience headaches, body aches, digestive issues like diarrhea and indigestion, dizziness, blurred vision, nasal congestion and flushing.

Your Safe Options for Sexual Performance Enhancement

If you want to enhance your sexual performance but do not want the associated risks of taking an erection pill to boost libido, you are not without options.

From dietary improvements to Kegel exercises, a healthcare provider can help you to naturally enhance your sexual health without the need of any pills or medication. 


Since erectile dysfunction is primarily a vasculogenic problem, any kind of diet suggestion would be to remain consistent with cardiac dietary improvement. There’s been plenty of literature that has shown a Mediterranean or Paleolithic type of diet that can improve cardiac health in general.


Also for many, alcohol is a great way to take the edge off, particularly when approaching daunting situations. The bedroom, for example, is a setting from which much anxiety derives, with desperate thoughts of performance infecting a cool composure.

It makes sense, then, why alcohol and dating so closely intertwine, when the first nervous utterance upon entrance into the apartment of someone of the opposite sex is, “would you like a drink?”

However, much of the recent research which is being done is starting to reveal a correlation between alcohol consumption and declining sexual health.

While evidence exists to support the notion that having a drink or two before a date helps reduce anxiety and increase your sexual desires, too much alcohol, Loyola University reports, can depress your sexual response, interfering with your experience.

A study from the University of Washington supports these findings, revealing that sober men were able to more quickly achieve an erection than intoxicated men, with some men unable to achieve an erection at all after drinking. The science behind these effects of alcohol on arousal is pretty simple:

Alcohol, as a depressant, decreases blood flow to the penis, which in turn reduces the intensity of your orgasm and can dampen your level of excitement… Ironically, alcohol often becomes the proverbial buzzkill of the bedroom

While having a drink or two pre-sex, to help soothe any anxieties that might interfere with performance can be a great solution for some guys, this is definitely not to be looked at as a long-term solution, but perhaps only an occasional short-term solution while you continue your search for something more permanent.

Kegel or PC Muscle Exercises

Kegel exercises are becoming increasingly popular in the men’s self development industry for helping with multiple male performance issues from premature ejaculation to erectile dysfunction.

Kegel exercises are performed simply by contracting the pelvic floor muscles I.e. the muscles that you squeeze in order to stop the flow of urine. Over time this strengthens the muscles associated with ejaculation giving a man greater conscious control over his ejaculations. It also leads to increased blood flow to the genitals increasing erection strength whilst also, reportedly, heightening male sexual pleasure from stimulation.

In men, urinary incontinence can be caused by a weak urinary sphincter, which may result from surgery from prostate cancer, an overactive bladder, or a bladder that doesn’t contract. Kegel exercises can also help men improve—or in some cases completely regain—bladder control.

The Latest Research to a Proven, Safe, Lasting Solution

While many men have struggled to find a long-term permanent solution to the concerns of erectile dysfunction or decreased sexual pleasure, there is some recent and quite interesting research starting to emerge that there might be a solution after all.

Given that these problems are often caused by a decreased blood flow in the penis, due to the weakening of blood vessels with age or stress; it has now become possible to actually naturally reverse this, helping men to achieve natural, healthy and youthful erections without surgery or drugs.

One of the pioneering companies in this research has recently developed a technological breakthrough. GAINSWave™ uses safe ultrasound waves to help stimulate blood flow to the penis by re-opening weak, damaged or ‘clogged’ blood vessels.

erectile dysfunction

It also helps lead to the natural growth of more blood vessles, making it a long-term solution that doesn’t require constant, ongoing treatment.

To find out more about how this technology works, as well as the experience of men who have tried the technology, check out this introduction to GAINSWave. 

Simply put, GAINSWave™ uses low intensity shockwave therapy to break up micro-calcifications in the penis and also create the release of growth factors and new blood vessel formation, which is really why it works so well and is treating the root cause of ED.

Patients have reported additional benefits including increased sensitivity, increased size, decreased refractory time between orgasms, in addition to the improvement in getting and maintaining erections.

GAINSWave doesn’t just work for people with erectile disfunction; it’s also great for men who don’t necessarily have true ED but would love a boost in the bedroom with improved performance. Additionally, this technology can break up scar tissue and plaque; such as found with Peyronie’s, a condition that over 5% of men have, which leads to bleeding or scarring of the penis.

Click here to find out more about GAINSWave™


Technology and understanding of the human body, as well as our understanding of the human psyche and our world around us, is becoming increasingly more nuanced and solid. More and more we are finding that we no longer have to accept problems and limitations that we may have faced in the past. Problems now have solutions and there are things we can do to make the changes that we make.

If you are unsatisfied with your sexual performance or enjoyment; please consider that you do not need to keep ‘coping’ with your problems, or running away from them using short-term fixes. There are methods out there that are more natural and in alignment with how your body naturally performs at its best, which do not require stress or maintenance or coping. Whether that is from a change in your diet, more regular exercise, learning more about your own sexual anatomy or exploring some of the natural professional treatments; you do not need to settle for less than you want and you now have several well researched options to get you started.


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Keep searching for solutions. Best of luck.

– The Menprovement Team

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