The New Year is here and you may have made some resolutions – which you likely won’t keep – in a bid to make this year even better than the last. But, if you’re going to make one amazing resolution this year that you can really stick to, how about showing the world what an awesome businessman you are?

While this can be applied to every aspect of your life, there’s perhaps no place better to show your perfect example of manliness than in business, or more specifically, entrepreneurship.

Men and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is popular with men across the globe and it’s easy to see why. After all, what man wouldn’t want to be his own boss, follow his passion, decide his own working hours, and delegate to his own staff?

Figures show that men are currently rocking the business world, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship. A recent study revealed that 16% of men have a desire to start their own business, 4% more than women, with almost a quarter of men surveyed stating that they are ready to launch.

Have you decided it’s time to be your own boss? Do you want to follow your entrepreneurial ambitions and start your own business? Here are some tips to help you be the man in business.

Invest in You

A good businessman knows that to be the best, he must continue to learn and increase his skill set. Although it’s crucial to invest time in your business, don’t forget to invest in yourself. Keep up-to-date with the latest industry news, embrace new tech and attend networking events. Remember: you are your business’s most important asset.

Sell Yourself

When starting a business, it can feel like one man against the world. As an entrepreneur, this presents an opportunity to sell yourself. Hiding behind your screen is not enough; get out there and give your business a personal touch. Show your customers that you’re willing to go the extra mile by sending thank you notes or offering free upgraded next-day delivery with TNT.

Be Humble

You may think that to truly be the man in business, you need to figure everything out yourself but that’s not the case. Every entrepreneur faces new challenges and asking for help is often the best solution. Be prepared to be humble and reach out – there’s nothing wrong with owning up to what you don’t know.

Learn to Delegate

You have probably heard the phrase ‘no man is an island.’ In business, this is true and delegating is an essential part of being a leader. Terrible with paperwork? Hand over your bookkeeping to an accountant. Need help with daily administrative tasks? Hire an intern.

Take Risks

Any new business venture comes with a certain amount of risk but it’s your reaction that will show whether you’re really the man of the business world. Do not jump at every available opportunity. Instead, show that you are mature, level headed and a good businessman by considering by making carefully calculated risks.

Embrace Failure

Unfortunately, most businessmen encounter failure, but just like taking risks, it’s more about how you deal with the failure than the failure itself. Show your confidence and strength by learning from failure, adapting, making changes and coming back stronger.

Being your own boss can be incredibly rewarding. If you’re thinking of starting your own business, follow these tips to help you be the best businessman around and stand out from your competitors.


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