Caught In An Emergency? This Is For You

When an emergency arises, knowing the steps to take can be fundamental. If it happens at your workstation, it might be your responsibility to step in and help. The best way to respond to an emergency is to be prepared before it happens.

Not many people can think clearly when in crisis, which, therefore, makes it important to prepare in advance before it occurs. Below are tips to help you in case you are caught up in an emergency:

1. Alert employees or people around you

The first important thing when responding to an emergency is to find a way to alert everybody so that they know something is happening, including even the disabled workers for them to take action or evacuate. You can:

  • Press the alarm to ensure that they start the evacuation or take action
  • Use the emergency communication system such as the public address and notify the local law enforcement or the fire department.

2. Staying calm

This is easier said than done. But being calm is the best way to ensure that the appropriate measures are taken. Some calming techniques include breathing in and out and muscle relaxation exercise. During an emergency, stress can lead to human error.

3. Develop an evacuation policy and procedure

A disorganized evacuation can lead to confusion, injury or damage of property. Get a formulated way of leaving the building like;

  • Following one person who leads or is authorized to do so like the evacuation warden.
  • Use all the routes and exits selected for that role
  • Assist people with disabilities or who have language barriers.
  • Account for personnel after the evacuation procedure.

4. Plan for rescue operations

It takes more than just willing hands to save lives. Trained, equipped and certified individuals are required in such operations. Untrained employees may danger their lives and those they are trying to save.

5. Provide medical assistance

If the company does not have a formal medical program, get ways to provide medical and first aid services. If an infirmary or hospital is not close by, make sure those affected can get first aid before getting to the hospital.

If you are familiar with algorithms for saving adults, then stipulate the right measure to take or administer to help those who are affected.

Treatment for a serious injury should begin 3 to 4 minutes of the accident. It is important to be quick to respond to those who could be hurt. Special apparatus provided for an emergency

  • Safety glasses or face shields for eye protection
  • Proper respirators
  • Hard hats and safety shoes
  • Chemical suits and gloves
  • Special body protection in case of abnormal weather

The best emergency action tactic is to include staff in the preparation process, lay down what employees should do when there is an emergency, and ensure that they receive proper training for tragedies.

When you include your team in your planning, inspire them to offer proposals about possible dangers, worst-case situations, and suitable emergency reactions.

After you develop the idea, assess it with your staff to make sure everybody is familiar with what to do before, during and after an emergency

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