“I adore the sages!” said a teacher of English writing – I like to read them, study them, deepen them, I enjoy teaching my students how to create them, but above all, I enjoy writing them, even if I have to write my essay online!”

So a famous copywriter made his debut during an interview on the topic of writing editorial essays. Anyone who writes essays is likely to have a journalistic cut or practice as a reporter or freelance.

I would like to explain to you in this article what this writing technique consists of and how, for example, an investigation can be carried out on a given topic using the important elements that underlie an essay in essay. If I can make myself understood, after you read this article I think you’ll fall in love with the incredible world of the wise too.

We start our journey by a short and quick background. The word “essay” derives from the French word “essai” which means “attempt, effort, sketch”. This translation reflects the essence of the task assigned to you by your examiners if you have to take a written test aimed at obtaining a specific specialization in the writing of an essay.

In reality, it is your personal attempt to formulate a challenging sketch on some particular problem that is somewhat compelling. Unlike other academic assignments, the essay suggests the freedom of your creative work. Its main advantage is that you can write it on any topic, in any style. In fact, the essay is your point of view on something you have heard, read, seen, etc. The first characteristic that writers usually manifest in the essay is their personality, their thoughts, feelings and personal positions and ideas on a given subject.

If you try your hand at writing an essay, you really have a unique possibility that you can take advantage of: that of triggering a reasonable debate or a contradictory ignition with other authors who have dealt with a specific topic before you; but to have a certain effect and conquer the first sales positions in the bestseller rankings, what is expected of you is that you show your preparation on the topic you decided to deal with. It must not just be culture and erudition about that specific theme but a well-articulated expression of the ideas, the beliefs you have, the values you want to support.

However, you should remember that, regardless of the freedom of the writing process required by the essay, it is not so easy to produce a good one. Because it is expected that you will find an original and captivating idea (also regarding the traditional context) and an exceptional and unprecedented opinion on some particular problem suggested by the essay theme.

Let’s talk now about the title; the title of the essay does not depend strictly on the theme of the book: it can also serve as a starting point for a more in-depth reflection that you can prepare later; can express the relationship of the whole and of the parties. A free composition of the essay is subject to its internal logic, it is an emphasized position of the author on that particular subject. The style of the essay is characterized by its aphoristic, paradoxical and figurative character.

I will now give you some useful tips on writing a successful essay. Know that to transmit your personal perception of the world you should:

– use many examples that capture the reader’s attention
– draw parallels and present them appropriately according to the ideas and proposals you have formulated in your essay
– choose analogies and classify them according to a unanimously shared standard
– use various associations that make clear references to the theme of your essay.

One of the peculiar characteristics of the essay is the wide use of numerous means of expression, such as metaphors, parables and allegorical figures, symbols and comparisons. You can enrich and make your essay more interesting if it includes some elements that arouse curiosity and amazement such as unpredictable conclusions, unexpected turning points and so on.


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