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Nothing gives you an air of manliness quite like doing home improvement projects. We all want to show that we are capable of handling projects without the help of costly contractors.

Do you know what else comes off as macho? Leading an eco-friendly lifestyle! As much as we all want to release a nauseating amount of carbon, the real test to one’s manliness is being a good steward of the environment.

And what better way to demonstrate your love for the planet than doing green home improvement projects in your home. 

Here are a few tips you might want to apply: 

Install solar panels

Solar energy accounts for at least 3% of energy output in the US. It’s a modest figure, but it’s gradually growing, given the fact that solar panels are becoming even more accessible to the mass market. 

Whether you’re buying or renting your very own solar panel system, you can reduce a significant amount of power consumption and see a gradual decline of your monthly power bills as a result of having one attached to your home

  1. DIY furniture

Put your creativity and resourcefulness to good use by salvaging scrap wood and turning them into custom furniture to add to your home’s interior appeal. A newly dismantled shed or a cabinet that’s been ravaged by termites, for instance, can get a new lease on life if you save the usable wood and turn it into handcrafted furniture. 

  1. Replace asbestos ceilings

Despite being a cost-effective material that provides adequate insulation to your home, asbestos can pose a significant health risk to you and your family. In fact, lawyers from Bergman Legal say that prolonged exposure to asbestos causes the development of a type of cancer known as mesothelioma.

There are healthier alternatives to asbestos, so you might want to consider updating the insulation of your home with fiberglass or polyurethane foam. These materials are just as effective for insulation and relatively safer for all ages.

  1. Repaint your home using organic paints 

Many commercial paint brands contain what are known as volatile organic compounds. These are vaporous compounds that can adversely affect indoor air quality as they are known to irritate the lungs and damage your internal organs just by inhaling them.

Switching to eco-friendly, non-VOC paints can help you improve the environment, safeguard your health from potentially fatal diseases, and give your home a much needed upgrade in terms of appearance. 

  1. Green-ify your surroundings

Gardening isn’t exactly a glamorous activity to many, but it’s something you should do. And that’s because landscaping projects can help cleanse your home as much as they give it a much-needed boost in terms of curb appeal.

Along these lines, you might want to convert your backyard into a makeshift greenhouse by decorating it with flowers and lush greenery.

Being eco-friendly when it comes to major home improvement projects is a great start if you really want to flex your concern for the environment and show how awesome you are at it. After all, it’s not everyday you see someone who can apply sustainable solutions to an issue that requires a bit of muscle to be solved. 


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