Lots of men keep the same hairstyle forever. We get it – change is hard, and why would you let go of a good thing once you’ve found it? You know how much your haircut costs, how long it takes to grow out before it’s time to go to the barber again, which clothing colors fit best with your hair color, and so on. A good hairstyle is comforting, and many men have no desire whatsoever to rock the boat.

This is especially true when it comes to switching hair colors. It’s one thing to get your hair cut a bit differently, but a different color can be a drastic change. But what if we told you taking the leap of faith is worth it? There is much to be gained from dyeing your hair, and we’ve gathered five of the most compelling reasons why you should do just that. Go ahead and try not to be convinced. We dare you.


Stay On-Trend

While natural hair colors – brown, black, blonde, and red – have always been popular, style trends have added twists to these classics. For example, blonde highlights in dark brown or black hair has become widely popular in the last few years, especially in faded haircuts where the hair on the top of the head is longer and dyed. Another, more recent trend is dyeing hair silver or grey. This style was a key fad of 2017 and continues to be in fashion this year. It was even featured in our 2017 roundup of trends, where we give you some tips on this style’s upkeep and point out that pop musician Zayn and model Lucky Blue Smith have rocked this look.

If you’re at the age where you’re more interested in covering up unwanted greying hair than diving head-on into the all-grey look, dyeing your hair can help you, too. You can either use hair dye to maintain your personal trend and dye your hair the same color it is naturally, or seize the opportunity to test out a look you’ve always wanted to try. No matter what, dyeing your hair can change your style for the better.

Push Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone

As we’ve already mentioned, dyeing your hair is a huge change you’re probably hesitant to make. But at the risk of sounding like your parents, we’ll remind you of an important lesson: changes are what keeps you growing as a person. If you don’t make some sort of adjustment every once in a while, you’ll eventually get bogged down by your monotonous routine. Sometimes things change unexpectedly, and these are often the hardest things to deal with. Making regular changes on your own can help you be prepared for times when you have less control over shifting elements in your life.

Dyeing your hair is a small change that can prep you for big changes. Altering such a noticeable part of your appearance will have immediate consequences – you’ll see yourself differently when you look in the mirror, people will remark on your fresh new look, and you can also switch up your clothing to reflect this new style. The extent of the change you make is up to you. You can use it as a catalyst for spicing up your entire style, or simply stick to changing one element to see how you like it. Even if you have to experiment for a while before deciding which color works best for you (or if you abort the mission and return to your natural color) the experience of going through with the plan to dye your hair will give you the confidence you need to tackle other, harder changes in your life.

Enhance Your Creativity

Whether you make your living with artistic work or claim you don’t have a creative bone in your body, dyeing your hair can strengthen your creativity. Even making the choice of which color to dye your hair requires imagining what you would look like with different hair colors – drawing a picture in your mind, if you will. Sticking to one new hair color is already a solid artistic statement, but there is also the option of going the extra mile and throwing in another color, or maybe several, for highlights.

The crucial thing to remember is that you should use good hair dye. Like an artist, the paints you use should be tried and true. Experimentation should come when you’re using the materials, not when you’re deciding the quality of the materials to use. Your best bet is to go with a trusted brand like Schwarzkopf, so that that only surprise you have is the discovery of your latent artistic talent.

Help Smash Gender Stereotypes

Even though rigid gender stereotypes are quickly becoming a thing of the past in much of the Western world, they’re still out there. One of the most common ones is that men aren’t supposed to be as concerned about their looks as women. This extends to hair – it’s a lot more societally acceptable for women to spend lots of time adjusting and changing their hairstyles than it is for men. Homophobia makes the whole situation more complicated. Often, a focus on appearance and hairstyle is associated with homosexuality in a negative way, instead of being seen as everyone’s right the way it should be. In other words: everyone – gay, straight, or otherwise – should be allowed to give as much or as little attention to their hair as they please, but this isn’t always the case.

No matter your sexual orientation, dyeing your hair can help you combat beauty-related gender stereotypes. We’re here to assure you the fight is worth it. Take the fun study Buzzfeed did a few years ago as an example. Buzzfeed invited four men with no hair-dyeing experience to their studio. Two of the men were especially hesitant to dye their hair, one because of the stigma we’ve mentioned and the other due to the conservative environment he grew up in, but all of them loved the results. Take a look at their story to see how not just their viewpoints but also their styles changed for the better.

Become an Amateur Hair Sociologist

Apart from doing your part to better society, dyeing your hair can also help you study it. It’s well-known that people are often treated differently by strangers because of their hair colors. This stereotyping especially happens to women, but it also happens to men. We all know you shouldn’t judge a person based on how they look, but that’s not what sociology is about. Sociology is about studying the things that happen whether they should or not, and dyeing your hair lets you experience this firsthand.

This article from Psychology Today describes several studies that can give you an idea of what to expect. In one example, Nicolas Guéguen from the French Université de Bretagne-Sud conducted an experiment in a nightclub where he had men, with various colors of wigs on, ask women to dance. According to the study, women accepted the most invitations from black-haired men, and increasingly fewer from brown-haired men, blonde ones, and red-haired ones in that order. The findings were different for women, because there were different stereotypes at play, but red hair was the least popular for both genders.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t get red hair – chances are you won’t be spending all of your time in nightclubs – but it does make a point that changing your hair color will likely mean you receive different reactions from strangers than you normally do. Maybe you’ll like these new reactions, and maybe you won’t, but you’ll definitely learn some interesting things about your society in the process.


  1. I think that I would have to consider dyeing my hair first. Bit of a large step but I might do it as a young adult just to give it a try. You know what i’m sayin?


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