How to Stand out from the Crowd and Dress For a Date Like a Boss

Dressing to Impress: What to Wear on the First Date

Most men haven’t the slightest idea about how important their appearance is to women. Buy and large, women pay much more attention to the way they look and want to see a well-dressed and good-looking man by their side. If you are dating any of these well taken care of beauties, be ready, and know that you’ll be closely examined by her from head to toe.

No doubt, you want to make a good impression. Outside of your physique and other basic physical features, your clothing is the first thing that will catch her eye thus, you should dress to impress. Here are some tips from Romance Dating Service that will help you get prepared for your date and show up dressed to the nines.

1. Dress appropriately

The first thing you should take into account is the venue of your date. If the settings are casual (movies or coffee shop), wearing jeans and a clean T-shirt will be a good choice.

Forget about those worn trousers and stained shirts you may throw on in your haste. Your date is an important event so try a bit harder.

2. Wear Something You Feel Comfortable In

It’s always noticeable when a person feels uncomfortable in their clothes. That is why you should put on something you’ve already worn. What is meant here is the style of your clothing, not its condition.

If you’ve heard or read about some new trend, your date is not the best time to experiment with that trendy item. You shouldn’t go out of your way trying to dress up if you don’t feel like it; your date will spot that your clothes are not compatible with your inner state.

3. Avoid stripes:

If you don’t want to merge into the crowd of other “striped” men around you, choose a dress shirt with a fine pattern. Unbutton it at the neck and loose your tie in order not to seem suffocating. Remember to tuck the shirt in. For a more casual venue, a polo shirt with a sports jacket will be a good combination.

4. Stand out in your own way:

Your clothing and accessories can help you emphasize your individuality in some way. For instance, an unusual watch or stylish belt will add some flair to your look.

If your date will be at the place where you’ll have to take your shoes off, put on funny socks with an interesting pattern. You might happen to have an awesome designer shirt so don’t miss an opportunity to wear it on your date.

Make sure you don’t look foolish or childish, however, you don’t want to appear effeminate

5. Avoid sportswear:

Girls don’t like men wearing sportswear and sneakers unless they are jogging or working out in a gym. If it’s summer, you should keep in mind that dates and flip-flops are incompatible.

6. Emphasize your physique:

Make sure that your clothing fits you well. Choosing the right outfit, you can emphasize or hide some of your physical attributes. Choose those trousers that are not too tight or too loose. In the first case, you may come across as a weirdo while in the latter your date might think you are careless and don’t care much about what others make of you.

If you want to make your shoulders look wider or want to seem slimmer, wear a jacket – it will hide everything you want to hide and accentuate your attractive features.

7. Choose the right colors:

The right choice of color can make a difference. Pick those shades that will flatter your complexion and eyes. If you want to accentuate green or blue eyes, choose dark colors such as navy blue or gray.

If you have dark eyes (brown or hazel), light and warm colors will be right for you.

 8. Remember about Personal Grooming:

Although women like men with a three-day stubble, your face shouldn’t look like you just forgot to shave. Take a shower and wash your hair and beard. Make sure you put on clean and ironed clothes.

9. Don’t Overdo the Cologne:

There is a huge difference between a light scent and overwhelming smell. You should remember that the one who wears the cologne quickly get used to its smell while people around may just suffocate in the cloud of your body spray.

The rule here is the less the better.

In Conclusion

Style isn’t complicated, just remember to keep it simple and stick to the things that you know will work.


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