Does Growing a Beard Make a Man Look More Attractive?

Men without beards will always wonder if lack of facial hairs contributes to their less or no dates. Some wonder if having beards would make them sexier and more attractive. If you have ever wondered about this, you should breathe out since you are not the first man to think about the same.
Men hold onto the belief that they would look more handsome or attract more females if they had facial hairs.
Beards work in mysterious ways. In one day, you look like a 15 year old nerdy. After a few days of growing your beard, you become a twenty-something man, ready to have a serious relationship with your girl of choice.
Though some women hate the beard feel on their faces during intense sessions of make outs, we have to agree that any average girl will fall head over heels once she spots a bearded man. These are the reasons why;

Bearded men are more attractive

90% of females in the world will always choose heavy stubble over a beardless man. This is because they look handsome before you consider other parts of their body. That alone can shape your man’s face to give them a beautiful profile. Funny enough, men will also covet their fellow men’s beard. Well, how would you describe that if not attractive?

They are super-healthy

Men in beards are considered to be the healthiest male species. I mean, how would you grow such a perfect beard, apply beard balm for shiny look, and have an ailment at the same time?
Truth is your outer body will always be a reflection of your inner self. If you have glowing skin and shiny hairs, it is evident that you have been keen on your daily diet. Unfortunately, if you lack facial hairs, most people might think that you are malnourished or suffering from a terminal disease.

They are more masculine

Most people in the world have a perception that a man’s masculinity is directly proportional to his facial hairs. If you want to appear as a hardboiled individual in front of your girlfriend, friends, or family, you should be ready to cultivate the growth of a full beard.
Moreover, females tend to feel more secure with their bearded friends since they look manlier. This means that they can handle all the security issues that come on their way. Who would love to stay up late with a man who looks like they would run away from danger rather than face the danger head on?

They have the best parenting skills

Men who maintain a full beard tend to look more of parents than the beardless. If you come across a young parent without beards, your first question might be about his age or growth. This is because he looks young and immature without the beards. Someone might even wonder how a child is going to bring up another child. However, the case is different with a full-bearded man. They tend to look mature, and in possession of the best parenting skills, anyone would ask for. As a young mother, you would feel safe leaving your child with a man who looks like a ‘parent.’

They are perceived to be highly self-disciplined

The process of growing and maintaining a beard takes a lot of commitment. This is because you to tend to your chicken scratch whiskers until they become a full beard. It takes a lot of patience and discipline for you to get good results.
After growth, you are required to groom it daily. Well, who would not love to enjoy the company of such a disciplined man? If you take care of your beard until they are fully grown, it shows that you are patient enough to take care of something different until you get the desired results.
Attraction comes in different ways. Some may look at the physical beauty whereas others look at the driving factors behind the face. All in all, a full beard makes a man attractive in all manner of ways.

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