Do Women Like Hairy Men? If So, What’s Acceptable? [From Her]

This is an article by Jessica from our “from her” series, where women give men a look inside their minds. This article addresses the question, “Do women like hairy men?” As this is obviously up to opinion of different women, this is a good general guideline of how most women feel.

It seems like more men are increasingly becoming aware of the amount of hair on their body.

I can remember when shaving your bikini line was something that women did to keep things clean in the summertime. Now with waxing, depilatories, and threading more and more men are looking to de-fuzz their bodies. From their perfectly arched eyebrows right down to the “male landing strip” known as the perineum.

But do women really find this a necessary step for men? Well, yes and no.

A woman likes to know that her man in groomed and that the possibility of a stray hair will never come in contact with her lips. However, going overboard and removing all your hair is, well, creepy. The baby smooth skin reminds us of just that- a baby. Women want a man that looks like a man and that includes having hair in some places.

Let’s go over what is acceptable and what is just plain not necessary.

1) Eyebrows

When a woman gazes into her man’s eyes it’s nice to see his eyes and not have two (or worse! One!) scary caterpillars staring back at her.

Trimming, shaping, tweezing and even threading is appropriate for this region of the face. Just steer clear of the woman with the wax on a stick. She has the power to transform your manly brows into a member of the Jersey Shore cast in minutes!

2) Facial Hair (other than eyebrows)

This is personal preference. Some men look good in a beard, some look good in a mustache, and some look good with nothing. This is one place where it is your call.

Whatever you are comfortable in is something that no woman should tell you to change. But, for the sake of women everywhere, when we tell you that you look like a character out of a bad porn from the 70’s, do us the favor and take our word for it!

3) Legs/Arms

Men are expected to have hairy legs and hairy arms. Removing this hair is really not necessary. We can deal with leg hair, and honestly, we don’t mind if our guy is sporting some hair on his arms either.

4) Back

This is an absolute total turn-off! No women want to have her man standing there getting dressed in the morning and have to look at a hairy back. There is nothing sexy about this. It is mandatory that you see the woman with the wax on a stick, mentioned above, ASAP. Trust me, your woman will thank you for this!

5) Chest

Sigh. There is a love-hate relationship with chest hair. It has a tendency to look sexy when it is in small amounts. It’s when we run our hands through a tuft of hair and our rings get caught that really bother us. Keeping this area trimmed and maintained is essential. Waxing this area is not necessary unless you are competing in a bodybuilding completion.

6) Genitalia

This is an area that men seem so fixated on perfecting. Men shave around their testicles to make their penis look bigger. Men get waxed to make the area smooth for their lady. Truth is, however you choose to remove the hair here, you need to be careful. This region is sensitive and can get easily irritated. A woman appreciates your grooming of the nether regions; it shows that you like to keep things clean.

Regardless of what body parts you shave, wax, or thread the bottom line is that you feel comfortable with the way you look. No one else has to live in your skin, and if your skin happens to have razor burn, no one else would want to!

– Jessica

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