Do Women Find Smiling Attractive?

We smile all of the time. When something is funny, when we are happy, and even when we are just thinking about someone or something that we like. So it should make sense that women find smiling attractive.
Consulting with professionals, such as my Mississauga dentist Dr. Butany, I set out to find out just what it is about smiling that makes women weak in the knees.

Smiling is Contagious

To begin with, have you ever been out and about and had a total stranger smile at you that just made you smile too? There is something that is disarming about a bright and open smile that makes you want to return the smile. When you smile, you will automatically feel happier as well, giving you a positive impression of the person smiling at you.

Smiling is Friendly

If a man or woman smiles at you, that means their face is lit up and open. People will appear friendlier and kinder with a smile than they ever would with a frown. A frown or serious face can be alarming, making you concerned that the person wants to harm you or might snap at you as opposed to someone with a happier looking face. Friendly people are easier to be around, because you will feel safer.

Smiles are a Sign of Health

On an unconscious level, or maybe even a conscious level, we judge people based on their smiles. People with bright, white smiles will come off as healthier and therefore more attractive than someone without a white smile. A person with a smile that has dark, broken, or missing teeth will not have the same appeal as someone who has a healthy smile. People with poor dental health are also less likely to smile regardless, making people who do show off healthy smiles all the more appealing. It is simple nature for humans to want to be with someone who appears in good health as well, so showing it off is a better way to find a mate.

Smiles Make Us Feel Good

When someone smiles at us, we know that they perceive us positively. This can uplift many people’s moods, especially if you are having a bad or rough day. When someone smiles at you, you know that they are thinking of you in a nice way, boosting your confidence while also having a positive impression of the person.

When Smiling Goes Wrong

That said, smiling is not always the best way to attract a woman. You need to be aware of your surroundings and your situation before you smile at a woman, because in some cases it is inappropriate or it can even be off-putting. Out at a bar, for example, a smile says a lot. If it is a nice, gentle smile, you might be able to buy that girl a drink. If you are smiling a little too much, it can come off as aggressive. The gym is also a place where you might not want to smile at a woman. Women, for the most part, go to the gym to workout, not to pick up dates. Smiling at a woman who is bench pressing is always going to come off as creepy. If you would like to approach a woman there, you need to wait until her workout is over and then try to engage in conversation.

Just because you’re Smiling doesn’t mean it’s not creepy

Sometimes smiling is not going to work. There are women out there who find it aggressive, assuming, and downright creepy. Make sure that you are smiling at a stranger in a natural manner and not a creepy manner. If you already have a woman for a partner, you can smile until your heart’s content as you already know what works for her and you.
Bottom line: smile when you can and when it is appropriate, but remember that sometimes it will not work to attract a woman.

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