Men seem to really like getting their hands dirty with wood and oil, and making things from scratch. These can be DIY man cave projects, or things for the entire family to use and abuse in the home, but there’s a lot to be said for getting the tools out and simply making something new. Of course, not many people now have the skills or the ability to do something very in-depth (not to mention not having the time), so smaller projects are really the order of the day – something big enough to be seen and used, but not so big as to be impossible to start or make a good job of.


Bar Cabinet

Every man cave needs a bar, and what better way to have it than as part of a hidden bar cabinet? A hidden bar cabinet is particularly good because it is an easy thing to make – simply choose a space which can hold a cabinet (or perhaps choose an in-built cabinet, for greater ease), and make it happen. A bar is something which needs a specific look to it, including mirrored backs, and special shelves for glasses. This is all easily added to an in-built cabinet, and adds to the overall room as well.

As a DIY project, a hidden drinks cabinet is an easy starter project for men,as it relies on many materials such as simply plastics acrylic. You will also use some materials that are already in place but need shifting about. Removing the shelves is all that is necessary for installing mirrors, and indeed for putting shelves back in which are in a better configuration for holding drinks, and bottles, and other things. A bar cabinet is not only useful for people, but it also looks cool.


Pallet Headboard

A pallet headboard is slightly more involved than a bar cabinet, but it is still easily done, particularly when you take into account that pallets are already split into neat slats for you to work with. Even better is the fact that, while most of the slates are quite thin, the one4s which help the pallet to hold its shape are much thicker, which allows you to vary the width of the slats you use in your design, to give a more polished finish.

What makes this project easier is the ease of getting hold of pallets; they are used for a huge variety of jobs, and so are readily available. A pallet can be broken down by simply removing the nails which held it together in the first place, and can be restructured in the same way. To construct a headboard, you need to measure the space properly, and be sure to remember that the board will make the bed stand away from the wall.

Once you’ve measured it, then you can start putting the slats together in whatever pattern you please, to form the headboard. For extra results, some of the pallets use wood which is a slightly different colour to others, so using both of the colour mixed up can give some interesting effects.


TV Lift

A TV lift is something which can benefit everybody in the family, and as such, has been one of the more common ways to use electric actuators in home automation. TV lifts are relatively easy to build and install, since they move up and down (or from side to side), rather than anything more complicated.

A TV lift system can be easily constructed by someone who does not want to have any fancy items added, such as having it rise up out of the floor, or down from the ceiling. It’s much easier to stick to a table or a cabinet when it comes to a DIY project to hide the TV, because that doesn’t require much in the way of renovation work.

Simply take a suitable cabinet, and use the actuators and some wiring to create a system which will keep the TV hidden until it is wanted, at which time it can be raised to the perfect height for enjoyment.

Everyone loves to get their hands dirty from time to time, but it mostly seems to be men who derive the greatest enjoyment from it. DIY is a great way to fill your time with projects which not only bring you great personal satisfaction but which are also genuinely useful around the house. DIY projects can be done for you yourself, or for other people, but they are a lasting testament to the time and effort you spent on whatever it was.

This article has obviously only covered a couple of the projects which can be done, but there are hundreds more out there, and hopefully, people reading this will be inspired to go and look for more ideas for DIY projects of their own. No matter what your personal interests or abilities, there is something out there for you to try.


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