Dispelling the Doubt: 10 Clear Signs He Likes You

Sometimes guys are experts in hiding their true feelings when it comes to dating. However, there are several clear signs that indicate he likes you. You might not notice it or have trouble decoding his behaviour, but we’re here to tell you he is truly into you and your relationship has the future.

1. He doesn’t count hours

When your partner is into you, he doesn’t notice how time flies with you. He never counts hours and doesn’t check his phone every 10 minutes. He focuses on you and asks you to spend more time with him. If your guy has tons of excuses why he can’t see or meet you today, this might be a red flag. Remember about some me time. There’s a difference when a guy craves some alone time and when a guy ignores you.

2. You’re going on dates

If your guy never asks you out on a date and keeps telling you that you two are just hanging out, he doesn’t like you. The guy who is really into you won’t run away from the truth and won’t be afraid to say the word “date.” Dating is always the next important point after just hanging out. However, keep in mind that your boyfriend may be busy with study or work, so don’t jump into conclusions if he can’t ask you out for a date.

3. He tries to surprise you

You two aren’t just walking around or eating pizza. Each time you two go on a date, he’s trying to astonish you by buying your favourite ice cream or taking you to a new spot in the city for a small picnic. He presents you with some chocolate and flowers every now and then. If you see him trying to make you happy, he definitely likes you.

4. He wants to stay the entire night at your place

Perhaps you know the situation where the guy asks you to stay at his place or wants to stay at yours, but vanishes from sight right after sex because he has some businesses. This is a clear sign that he isn’t serious about your relationship and wants sex and nothing more. If he likes you, he will strive to stay the entire night at your place – even if you don’t have sex.

5. He wants you

No matter how long you two have been dating, he certainly likes you if he wants you. He’s ready to wait for when you’ll be ready for a more serious relationship. He respects your feelings and desires and doesn’t judge you for making him wait. Oftentimes, girls ask, “Why doesn’t he want me?” The answer is simple; he doesn’t like you. Pay attention to the way he looks at you, to his lips, and the way he kisses and touches you. He might not tell you that he wants you, but you can easily feel it.

6. He texts twice in a row

When it comes to texting, guys are highly greedy. However, if he really likes you, he’ll stay in contact all day long. He’ll send you multiple texts throughout the day to find out how’s your day going or simply flirt with you. Double texting has got a bad rep and is often considered as clinginess, but it’s essential in a healthy relationship. Don’t be scared to double text as well. You’ll send him a secret sign you’re into him. Just don’t overdo it. Avoid showering your boyfriend with hundreds of compliments and controlling his life. Both of you need privacy and freedom.

7. You run errands together

Although it depends on how long you’ve been dating, yet if he helps you with your daily activities like grocery shopping, cleaning, or gardening, there’s no doubt that he’s into you. He might also ask you to help him with shopping, cooking, or choosing a gift for his mom. Whatever you two do together, it’s okay when a date doesn’t feel like a regular date. Each of you has your own to-do lists, so why not accomplish them together? He trusts you and is making you a part of his life.

8. He doesn’t afraid to express his feelings

The majority of guys have trouble expressing their feelings. Whether it’s because they don’t want to look weak in front of women or they’re too shy to tell what they feel, guys are less sensitive than girls. When a man is into a woman though, he is able to express all his feelings and love. He wants to let his significant other know that he likes her and he’s eager to build a long-term relationship. If he tells you that he misses you, loves you, and wants you or he feels frustrated and depressed when you’re not around, that may be a good sign.

9. He wants you to meet his parents and friends

This is one of the most obvious signs that a guy likes you. Sometimes guys make excuses when it comes to meeting parents or friends.  If your boyfriend is hiding you from everyone, it’s a red flag. However, if he wants you to meet his parents, friends, or coworkers, be sure he’s serious about your relationship. It might even be a sign he’s going to propose in the nearest future. When he introduces you to people he cares about, he wants to see how you treat them and they treat you. That’s a serious step that you shouldn’t fail.

10. He doesn’t check his phone

The biggest problem of modern society is a phone. Instead of enjoying the company of other people, we keep scrolling our social media feeds or chatting with online friends. If your guy focuses only on you and doesn’t check his phone every 20 minutes when you’re together, he’s into you.

If you’ve been wondering if he truly likes you, these 10 tiny indicators are sure to help you. Don’t jump into a conclusion, though. Remember, everyone expresses their feelings in their own way and your guy is no exception.

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