When you’re riding a dirt bike, you need to protect your legs and feet, because that’s where a whole lot of injuries happen. Wearing dirt bike boots helps protect your ankles when you’re driving at high speeds, and it helps protect your feet from getting caught between the ground and the footpeg. 

Also, they protect your calves from getting burned when they touch the hot engine, and your shines from impact if you crash your bike. Dirt bike boots are the second most important piece of dirt bike gear you wear, just after your helmet. 

In the below buying-guide, you’ll find a list of some of the top dirt bike boots available for purchase, and find information on features you should keep an eye for. 

Finding a good pair

First and foremost, dirt bike boots should be comfortable. If your boots are not comfortable, you could get distracted and fatigued while riding. The soles should also be flat, never heeled.

A good pair of dirt bike boots should be able to stand up to road impacts, be resistant to chemicals such as oil, and provide good traction on the road. If you crash your bike, your dirt bike boots should protect against foot and ankle injury. The final important factor is fit: when worn with socks, motorcycle boots should be snug but not too tight. 

Depending on the kind of dirt bike riding you do, you may need to get a specific type of boot. There are specific dirt bike boots made for motocross, racing, off-roading, etc. For the beginner or casual dirt bike rider, a general motorcycle boot will suffice. They typically have a protective steel lining and offer enough structural strength to prevent your ankles and feet from getting crushed or twisted in a crash. 

Top dirt bike boots on the market

  • O’Neill Riding Boots: O’Neill is well known for making high-quality motocross gear. These boots cost around $100.00 and are made to offer the most protection. If you’re an entry-level rider, these boots make for good fit, since new riders typically need a little bit more protection than a seasoned rider. 
  • Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro Boots: Alpinestars is another brand that is known for high-quality gear. These boots are made with quality materials such as aluminum, which helps increase durability. Also, they come with an ergonomic multiple-buckle system that allows for a secure and personalized closure that helps improve fit and comfort. 
  • AXO Drone Boots: In terms of design, these boots were made to be comfortable. They have extra long instep panels that help the boot fit a wider range of calf sizes which aides in lower leg discomfort. 
  • Sidi Crossfire 2 Boots: These boots, which are made from a motorsports apparel company in Italy, boast some pretty impressive features. Every component from the soles to buckles are designed to be replaced easily. Also, there is a calf plate system in the boots that expands to give a comfortable fit for all sizes. 
  • Gaerne SG-12 Boots: These top-of-the-line boots have features for both protection and comfort. They have an excellent clasp system built of high-grade alloy metal, and thanks to their excellent design features they have an almost non-existent breaking in period. 

The bottom line

Dirt bike boots should not only be comfortable, but they should fit well also. As with most things, quality is key. If you’re willing to spend a little more for a high-quality pair, your boots will last longer and give you more protection.



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