If you’re anything like I am, you’ve probably got a long list of things that you want. From clothes to cars to lavish trips, the list probably goes on and on. And we’ve all been asked that one question when it comes to gift – what do you want? What would make you happy?
And it’s usually the same story over and over – you lack inspiration or ideas of what you’d actually want or need. None of these things come to mind or are just too costly for a single person, so most of the time you’ll end up with some classics – a wallet, a belt, cologne or a nice bottle of liquor.
It’d be nice to change things up and receive something that you’ll want to use and that not everyone has.
Then when personalized gifts come into play. Give her an original idea that’ll make the difference and get you that one gift you didn’t know you wanted.
When I say personalized gift, I’m sure you’re thinking of a mug, a t-shirt or a phone case – great! There are so many more things that we don’t even know can be customized.
That’s right, you have many EDC (everyday carry) items that can be made on demand and that truly resembles you. A flashlight or a pocketknife you name it, you customize it. Pocketknives have actually come back in style these past few years and are now an EDC must-have. They’re not just for hikers and outdoor-lovers anymore! That’s why we think this should be on an any man’s gift-list to get that useful and authentic gift.
In fact, we stumbled upon a brand that focuses on just that. They give you the possibility to create your own unique pocket knife and it’s genius! They combine weight, functionality, durability and design and it’s a real gamechanger.
Now, seeing as how there’s always a gift for something — from birthdays to graduations to the soon-to-be Father’s Day — grabbing yourself a customized pocket knife from Deejo Knives seems like a pretty good idea. Get ready to be creative and choose from endless options to make your own Deejo, and prices range from $29 to $80 so no one will be paying an arm for this unique gift.
Completely maximizing the customizable experience, they’ve created a never-before-seen 3D configurator where you design your pocketknife from scratch. Here’s what you choose:

  • Weight: 15, 27 or 37 grams
  • Finishing: Mirror, Grey or Black Titanium
  • Handle: Naked, Natural or Colored Wood (multiple options) or Carbon Fiber

This is where things get really interesting and the personalization reaches a whole new level – you can choose to tattoo your knife! That’s right, you can choose from over 60 illustrations to add on the blade. Whether you’re a big tattoo fan and have some on yourself, or you’ve never dared to pass the door of a tattoo shop, you can now express your creativity on your EDC.
Choose anything from art deco, to biker, to hunting or Indian Skull – whatever your style, you can be sure you’ll find the one tattoo for you. You can also engrave a word or phrase on the handle to be sure your Deejo is one of a kind and nothing else.
So next time she asks – “Honey, what gift can I get you? “, be sure to keep Deejo on top of mind because there isn’t a wrong option when carrying around one of these bad boys.

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