dealing with emotions

We are all humans, and by definition, we are emotional creatures.

Emotions are universal, and we have to learn how to deal with them in a helpful way.

Dealing With Emotions Through Values

There are two different values that are applicable to emotions, those are responsibility and acceptance. If we use an ocean as an example, we can se emotions as waves, and its up to us what we do with them. You can get crushed by it, or ride it.

Value of Acceptance and Emotions

This type of person drowns in the waves, they crush them. They lash out, and control themselves, they are easily offended, and provoked. They have no problem showing their emotions.

Value of Responsibility and Emotions

On the outside, they look unaffected, cause they build a wall against the waves. They don’t accept the emotion and prevent them from happening. They look as if they are in control, they take responsibility for their emotion. Somewhere along the way they will lose it, because the wall breaks and a tidal wave of emotions will hit harder then ever, and they will snap.

They can also be so successful at being the wall, that they can become completely apathetic and live in constant boredom in the middle, without any highs or lows.

If you just fall on one of the values, you’re going to experience emotions as something inherently hard to deal with, but wait, there is a third option.

Acceptance + Responsibility and Emotions

For those people, emotions are fuel, they see it as helpful for them to live by their values. This is the person who surfs the wave. They see them as a powerful tool that can benefit themselves and everyone around them.

  • when they are angry, they’d use that anger as courage, or as the power to be honest.
  • when they’re sad they’d use it to appreciate something, or journal

They are OK, with all the emotions, and they understand that if you want highs, you need to accepts the lows. In life you can’t have one without the other. You can’t choose which waves come through and which are not.


You can serve the wave of emotions, you have no control over them, and you don’t need to have. You don’t let it control you and you don’t try to control it. You use the emotions as a fuel, to live by your values.

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