10 Women Get Real With Dating Feedback for Men

10 Women Get Real With Dating Feedback for Men

Ever wondered what women really had to say about you? Ever wondered how you could get feedback from women you don’t even know, giving you insight into what the female species truly wants?

Look no further. Here are ten responses from high-value, twenty-something women who are going to tell you like it is… We all love men and would like to inspire you to be the best you can be!

Check out this honest advice from real women who will explain to you patterns they keep seeing with men and how you can improve them:

10 Pieces of Dating Advice from Real Women

1.“Guys need to stop dating like they are in college. You graduated. You can stop hooking up and start getting serious about your life.” – Meghana, 22

2. “Men need to stop being coy with texts and the games. If they like you, they should be upfront and not leave you guessing because that’s not a good start to a relationship. The bottom line is they really need to tell the girl where they stand.” – Lauren, 21

3. “Stop ghosting. You may think it’s easier to not articulate how you feel and you may not want to hurt this girl either. Just consider the fact that sitting with the truth is easier than feeling like someone disrespected you. Women can handle the answers without crying, so just chill out and let her know over coffee for 30 minutes and move on with your life.” – *Ashely, 22

4. “Personally, I hate when guys act overly flirty. If a guy starts talking to me like that it just shows me he doesn’t want to get to know me, it just shows he wants to get in my pants. If that’s not the case, just talk to me like a regular person. You can’t force a connection between two people.” – Liz, 23

5. “Don’t put your girl second. Plan ahead and communication is key.” – Angelina, 22

6. “Based off of my experience and guys that I know, guys need to definitely control their wandering eye, or not have a wandering eye at all! They should always remind themselves of the reasons they enjoy and want to be with the woman they are in a relationship with. Doing so will keep the spark alive.” – Maria, 23

7. “I dated this one guy who kept mentioning his exes, and I would be like, ‘Don’t compare me to them.’ A guy who doesn’t let go of the past can be pretty annoying.” – Vanessa, 21

8. “Avoid putting women on a pedestal. Yes, you can be respectful and treat us like a princess if you want, but we are human and have flaws, too. So, work on being okay with our flaws, and we will work on being okay with yours.” – Amanda, 22

9. “Tell a woman why you asked her out. Some guys have no answer to this question. Being able to express your reasons of interest is imperative if you would like to score a second date. She says, ‘Why did you ask for my number?’ You say, “I thought you seemed like a lovely person.’ That’s all we ask.” -*Adrianne, 25

10. “Call me old fashioned… BUT, ring the doorbell when you pick her up. Don’t wait in your car and honk the horn. That screams, “I’m not taking you seriously.” If you want her to pursue you as an option, you need to pursue her even more intensely. A little chivalry didn’t hurt anybody.” – Julita, 22

Hoping this article provided valuable insight to you through unfiltered honesty. Menprovement loves providing content on how you can create transformational changes and be empowered in your love life.

* = Indicates names have been changed


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