As technology continues to advance, and more and more people begin using their phones to access the internet instead of computers, the online dating scene is starting to migrate toward smartphone apps. After all, where the women go, the dating industry follows, and every woman has a smartphone nowadays.

Meeting women online has become a mobile endeavor, especially now that dating apps are getting more sophisticated and utilizing technology like GPS, Bluetooth, and social media integration. Plus, the fact that the apps are usually free means that lots and lots of people are using them, even if it is just out of curiosity.

But when it comes to guys who are looking to meet beautiful women for dates or even a relationship, they cannot ignore the mobile space if they want to maximize their chances for meeting a perfect match. And for those guys who still write at a 3rd grade level, the good news is that these new apps require very little writing skill, since most of them are based on pictures and text messaging, as opposed to detailed profiles, emails, and long, arduous personality quizzes.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the 5 best (at least in my opinion) dating apps guys should check out if they want to meet women online. These apps range from the “hook-up” variety to the “let’s get married!” type. And though I think mobile dating apps are the wave of the future, don’t forget to also use websites in conjunction with them. After all, not EVERY girl is using their phones to find dates (at least, not yet), and there are still certain types of women who have yet to migrate to this concept, so you can still find quality women on the web-based versions of many dating services. Now, without further ado, let’s look at the top 5 apps for meeting women online.

Before you move forward: This list of dating apps is great, but without the tools to use them correctly you’re shooting in the dark. Listen to our podcast, Online Dating 101 to learn how to stand out in a crowded space from Chase Reeves who did years of online dating testing, and created a step by step formula to success.

1) Carrot Dating

carrot dating app

This is quite a controversial app because the concept behind it is to “bribe” or “dangle a carrot” in front of women to get them to agree to date you. Critics have called it degrading to women, and accused the app of perpetuating prostitution. The controversy surrounding it has reached such a fever pitch, that it has been removed from the Apple app store, so it’s only currently available on Android.

However, despite the criticism it’s received, Carrot Dating is a very effective app for a certain type of man looking to date a certain type of girl. The idea behind it is “let’s just dispense with all pretense, and tell each other what we really want.” Girls on the apps let guys know what it will take to get them to go out on a date, and guys can decide if they want to spend the money to give that girl what she wants.

Despite the “bribe” nature of this app, girls can still turn down going out on a date even if the man meets their criteria. So it’s not a sure thing. In a sense, this app is the “Sugar Daddy” app, looking to connect well-off men with attractive women looking to be pampered.

While this practice is often looked down upon by society, the fact remains that there are lots of perfectly nice, normal women who use the app looking for successful men, and lots of busy, successful men who are looking for attractive women without having to go through a long and tedious courtship process. Though I wouldn’t recommend this dating app to guys looking for “true love” or who are on a budget, if you are looking for some fun and have some money to burn, this app could certainly be for you.

2) Down Dating

down dating app

This app was formerly known as “Bang with Friends,” and is more about finding people to socialize with than it is for dating.

Down Dating uses your Facebook friends, and their friends, as a way to present you with people to meet up with, based on location, interests, etc. Because Down Dating is not really a “dating app,” you don’t have to fill out any profiles or questionnaires or anything of that nature.

The app works similar to Tinder in the sense that if you like the person who is presented to you, you swipe up to agree to hang out with them, and swipe down to pass. If a person you want to hang out with also wants to hang out with you, you are allowed to contact them.

What makes Down Dating different from a typical Tinder knock-off is that it gives you the option to express your interest in going out on a date. This down-plays the “hook-up nature” of these types of apps, and allows users to arrange for meaningful meet-ups where both parties know that romance is the primary goal. One big drawback, however, is that there are no filters in the Down Dating app, which means it will present you with family members while using it – something which is not always conducive to romance (unless you live high, high in the mountains).

3) Coffee Meets Bagel

coffee meets bagel dating app

Despite the pretty atrocious name, the Coffee Meets Bagel dating app attempts to bring the “social circle” method of dating to your smartphone.

Remember the good old “date the friend of a friend” method? The one where you have a friend set you up with one of their friends? Well, that’s essentially what Coffee Meets Bagel tries to do. Coffee Meets Bagel looks at who you’re friends with on Facebook, and tries to set you up with friends of theirs. And as opposed to getting a flood of matches, the app will simply present you with one new potential match every day at noon.

The idea here is that because you’re getting matched up with only one new person a day, and that person is somehow connected to you through friends of yours (at least on Facebook), the quality of the people you meet is high and you don’t have to manage a ton of contacts, since Coffee Meets Bagel is very slow in offering you choices. This is both a pro and a con. First of all, in order for Coffee Meets Bagel to work as intended, you will only want to be Facebook friends with, well, actual friends. If you’re the type of person with 5,000 friends in your profile, you may get lots of hits from this app, but they may not be of the highest quality.

Add to that the fact that you’re limited to the Facebook users who also use the Coffee Meets Bagel app, and you might wonder why you’re just not using Facebook to find a date. However, for the busy man who also enjoys his time on Facebook, Coffee Meets Bagel can be a good option to find a potential date, since the low number of matches on a daily basis allows you to focus on the ones you’re interested in without getting distracted.

4) OKCupid

okcupid dating app

OKCupid has been receiving a lot of upgrades since it was bought out by, and one of them is their new, sleek phone app. As some of you reading this may already know, OKCupid was famous for its “easy hook-up” reputation, in which guys could easily get laid through the website… as long as they weren’t too picky about the woman they were looking to hook-up with.

As time has gone on, OKCupid has actually grown in popularity and their matching algorithms have gotten more advanced. This means that the OKCupid service has a LOT of people on it, which makes finding a date easier. And while the “guaranteed hook-up” nature of the site has decreased, the quality of the women you’ll find on it has increased.

The mobile app is just as fully functional as the OKCupid website, so you’re not missing out on features you may enjoy from the actual webpage when you use the app. In fact, OKCupid even has a “Tinder”-like swipe-feature if you’re looking to find quick matches based on how a person looks. So in that sense, OKCupid is a more robust version of Tinder. Now that OKCupid is owned by, it is being positioned to attract younger, hipper singles. So if you’re looking for a “hook up” like the old OKCupid was notorious for, you’ll probably want to skip this app in favor of the last one on our list.

5) Tinder

tinder dating app

Tinder is the 300 pound gorilla of mobile online dating at the moment.


Because it’s quick, simple, effective, and fun – that’s why.

Tinder essentially takes the “Hot or Not” concept and applies it to meeting women. You connect the app to your Facebook profile and then select pictures from an image album to have displayed on your Tinder profile. Then, you set about looking at the profiles of women. If you like their pictures, you can swipe to the left to express interest, or swipe to the right to pass. If there is a girl who expresses interest in you, and you expressed interest in her, a “match” is created and the two of you are now able to chat using the app’s built-in messaging system, which is essentially like text messaging or instant messaging.

The idea here is that if the two of you find each other attractive, then you’re more likely to be compatible and meet up. Of course, the “physical only” nature of Tinder means that all interactions are more susceptible to “hook ups” than actual dating. So many of these Tinder matches end up being “booty calls.” However, that’s

not to say you can’t meet women with this app and you can’t date them and find a relationship. It just means that other apps may be better for that type of thing.

One big drawback to Tinder is the fact that you must be somewhat attractive to have success on it. Because it is entirely based on how you look, attractive men will get more successful matches off it than men who are below-average in their looks. This can be frustrating for some men, so if you suffer from low self-esteem about your looks, you’ll probably want to avoid this app.

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The New Way Of Meeting Women Online

As you can see, at least one of these 5 apps may be a good match for you and what you’re looking to accomplish with online dating. There are lots of great dating apps out there, and more being released every day, but for now, these five seem to be the most effective. I’d encourage you to check them all out and see which ones work best for you.

Bonus: 10 more dating apps that didn’t make the top 5, but may be perfect for you..

You may not love the dating apps above, so here are some more that may seal the deal on you meeting that perfect woman.

6) POF App

You were probable surprised that the POF dating app didn’t make the list. It is tough to chose just 5, but POF should not be overlooked, being filled with tons of hot singles, many of who are looking to get down. if you know what you are doing (see below) you can clean up.

7) Grouper Dating Club

Grouper is a great idea. You and three of your buds get paired up with three random girls in your area. Grouper sets you up a blind date, your first round is free and the rest is history. I have been on a grouper date and it is a lot of fun. It also takes the pressure off of meeting someone 1 on 1 for the first time.

8) Blendr

Blendr is another dating app that is very similar to POF. There is nothing fancy about it, just another stream to possibly find the one you have been looking for.

9) Grindr

Grindr is tinder for gay guys. We don’t discriminate here, so if that is what you are looking for have at it!

10) 3nder

Another tinder like dating app, 3nder has the same concept and Tinder, but it is for finding threesomes. This can be exciting, but male users will soon find that finding two hot 18 year olds looking for a threesome will be hard to come by. While using this app, I have found that it is mostly couples looking for either a third guy or mostly a third girl. The only man being benefited by this dating app is the guy with a bi-curious girlfriend. If that’s you, DEFINITELY get this app. It will make your life a lot better.

11) How about we..

How about we is an app where you post a dating idea, along with a built profile (picture, bio, etc.) and women can respond to you based on if they want to meet up and go on that date with you. How about we, “Got to the mall and people watch,” is an example of something you could write to land yourself a date. If you are creative and spontaneous then this is the dating app for you.

12) Pure

I really like pure. Simply because of how simple it is. This dating app is no-nonsense and was created to simply help you get laid. What you do is sign up for an account, put your picture up and then you get paired with women in your are who want to meet up RIGHT NOW. There is no messaging or other bullshit. If you two want to meet up, you simply exchange numbers and make it happen.

13) Mamba

Mamba has millions of users online everyday. One of them may be your dream girl. but beyond that, it is just your average dating app, with profiles, regular messaging and possible dates. Nothing fancy.

14) Healthvana

Healthvana is pretty bizarre, but it is a dating app that connects you with people and then connects you with places to get free STD testing? You then can get tested for STD’s, have your results stored on your profile, and meet other clean users. This is good for people who want peace of mind when meeting women online, plus it may make initiating sex a little easier.

15) JPix by JDate

JPix is an online dating app that was launched by JDate, the dating service for finding Jewish partners. If religion is tying you into one type of woman, then this may be the dating app for you.

Updated Bonus: 16) Anastasia Date

I know you have seen that smoking hot bombshell in the new Anastasia Date commercial. She really is smoking hot, and while I don’t know if you’ll find her on Anastasia Date, I do know that it is jam packed full of women looking to hop into relationships.

Best dating apps for those only looking to get laid:

If your plan for meeting women is to simply get laid as fast as possible, then here are the apps you need to download and start using.

– Tinder

– 3nder

– Grindr (Male on male)

– Pure

– Down Dating

– POF and OKC if you have good online game. See our next 2 podcasts dedicated to teaching you epic online game.

For guys who want to meet women online for longterm relationships, you can try these too as they will work, but the other ones are also for you. Happy fishing.

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This was a collaboration post by Joseph Matthews of and Sean Russell. This post comes at a perfect time as the first part to our “meeting women online” series. We just finished an awesome series on how to text girls, and now this meeting women online series will cover everything you need to know about finding love, or just some fun, through technology. This is post 1 of 3, with a podcast episode to follow, all about the 5 hottest dating apps you can use to get started. Look forward to net week to learn how to use them right.



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