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date against the machine review 2

Last week I wrote The Newbies Guide to Picking up Girls. The article was great, and is an authoritative tutorial that any guy can read and then use to literally start going out and get through the first week of meeting and approaching girls, which for most guys never happens.

But what you didn’t see in that article is that I learned all the essential skills that I used to get throughout that week with a program designed by the experts over at

Everything I teach in that article is great, but I was able to do it because I knew the theory behind what worked and what didn’t. And had some routines to start with.

This product was Date Against The Machine, and is a full inside look at the phycology of how to meet and attract women without coming off creepy and with amazing results during the day.

These guys have spent years getting to where they are and this two hour program can teach it to you in a day.

So here is my review and summary of Date Against The Machine, a product that really did change my life.

Date Against The Machine Review:

To most men, there are three ways to meet and attract new women.

– First, you have your social circle. This is the way our parents and grandparents used to date. You go out, do stuff like dance classes, sports, social groups, you make friends, you go to parties, and eventually, you meet a girl you really like and things kind of just “develop naturally”.

– Second, you have bars and clubs, where it is perfectly acceptable to approach women and try to “pick them up”. The music is loud. The lights are flashing. Everyone is drunk or on drugs. And in these places, anything goes.

– Third, you have online dating. Here, you can browse through literally hundreds, sometimes even thousands of girls’ profiles, check out their pictures, read through their profiles and reach out only to the ones you like. All from the comfort of your own home!

Which one is the best way?

The answer might surprise you. Before I spill the beans though, you need to understand my reasoning.

In bars and clubs, competition is CUTTHROAT. Hot girls have their guards up, because almost every guy wants to get in their panties. This means, it takes a lot of work to charm a girl into coming home with you. And even then, most of the time the kind of girls you meet aren’t exactly “high quality”.

Online dating is even worse. Most sites are chock full of desperate dudes, some of whom aren’t even bad looking. The typical, averagely attractive women gets around 10-20 messages, every single day. (The prettier girls sometimes get more than 100 per day. Talk about a “sausage fest”!) And if you’re a normal guy, you need to send around 30 messages just to get ONE response.

Social circle is great. You’re meeting women during your normal day-to-day life, which means you’ll share similar interests. Plus, you get to see what a girl looks like in the cold light of day. But — and this is a big but — you have almost no control. Your sex life is in fate’s hand.

The truth is, all these three ways of meeting women are extremely limited. And for several years, I’ve been searching for something else — some other way of meeting women, for guys who want to take control of their life and meet attractive, high quality women without all the hassle, fakeness and bullshit.

That’s when I discovered a fourth way.

This is a place where most men would never consider approaching and starting conversations with any stranger, let alone hot girls. And this is exactly why it is practically an untapped goldmine.

There is almost no competition.

Girls here are not used to being approached by men, so they don’t have their guards up. You can approach even the hottest woman, and talk to her for less than five minutes, and often she’ll end up offering you her number!

I discovered this new way to meet women from a $47 online product called Date Against The Machine, which I spoke about above.

Before you freak out, I’ve tried over a dozen dating programs. (No, I am not that bad at dating, I do it to test them out for you!) Yet I have not wrote a single article about one until today.

This one is different.

The company behind this product is I have mentioned them before, but I realize that that article is incomplete and ineffective. Their system is something that needs to be learned visually or through doing.

They claim their system is the easiest way to meet and attract women, in the entire world. According to all the marketing, it is built around a “weird pattern interrupt” that makes girls offer you their number in less than five minutes. (They do)

As if that wasn’t wild enough, they claim it works even better on hotter women. (It Does)

Does it live up to the hype? I’ll let you decide. Because in this very article, I’m unpacking Date Against The Machine and giving you a full, no-holds-barred review — the good, the bad and the downright outrageous.

EXPOSED: Date Against The Machine

I dived into Date Against The Machine after watching Andy Moore’s free presentation. (In itself, this video is very informative, and smashes a lot of the myths society has brainwashed us men into believing — the same myths that hold us back when it comes to attracting women.)

The first thing that struck me was the quality and professionalism of the actual product. I’m a creator myself who is just diving into the world of video, and I really admire the way all this knowledge is presented. This is the bar I am aiming for.

In total, there are 11 modules, spanning 2 hours, 45 minutes and 50 seconds.

Module 1: Orientation
Module 2: Introduction
Module 3: Lost In The Machine
Module 4: Escaping The Machine
Module 5: Get In The Zone
Module 6: Capture & Captivate
Module 7: Attraction In Action
Module 8: Rapid Rapport
Module 9: Closing Strong
Module 10: What now?
Module 11: Bonuses

The first four modules prepare you with the theory and knowledge you need. Then, modules 5-9 show you how apply the actual blueprint. Everything is demonstrated live, out in the field, with real women.

The guys of actually run bootcamps all around the world for around $1,000.00. These bootcamps are usually filled up fast because of how powerful and effective they are. Guys go in on one day and leave 3 days later, not only with over a dozen phone numbers, but as changed men. Some of these guys couldn’t even talk to girls at all beforehand.

That’s probably the biggest thing I loved about this program. This is not just a collection of some nerd’s theory on “socialdynamics”. This is a sequential system of techniques, which you get to see demonstrated for real. (I won’t explain the system itself, because Andy does a great job of presenting it in his free video.) You are getting a virtual $1,000.00 bootcamp for $47.00.

Finally, modules 10 and 11 provide you with additional information for applying this system further, beyond just meeting and attracting women.

What’s my verdict?

Let’s start with the cons.

To be honest, there is only really one area where I felt this product fell a little bit short. The attraction module was jam-packed full of techniques. However, I felt the presenters rushed through them too quickly, without giving detailed examples.

That said, it was still effective, and when I watched the full infield videos in the bonus section, I saw clearly how they worked.

Now, let’s talk about the pros.

I love the fact that everything in this system comes from a place of authenticity and positivity. Unlike many of the other seduction and pickup systems I’ve dabbled with, which feel somewhat like party tricks, this stuff is about actually becoming the man every guy secretly wants to be. There’s no bullshit.

True, Date Against The Machine is a system of techniques. Yet, it is also so much more than that.

This is a path for becoming a confident and self-satisfied man, and is truly the only reason why I am promoting it here.

In my opinion, stuff like this is more effective than any form of confidence training, and I would even go as far as to say, it could even cure one’s depression. I honestly believe it is that powerful.

As a whole, I love the philosophy behind Date Against The Machine. Not just for meeting and attracting women, but also more generally, for building better and more confident men.

That’s what we’re about, here at MenProvement.

For guys who are serious about improving their dating life and who can afford $47, this product is a no-brainer. The tools you learn will echo throughout every part of your life and are congruent with everything else we teach in this community.

Plus, $47 is less than you will spend the next night out at a fancy bar or club, getting frustrated at how how it is to meet that perfect 10.

The Fourth Way

I never did tell you much about this new way of meeting and attracting women. That is because Andy, the man behind this product, has put together a great free video that explains everything. Whether you’re interested in buying this system or not, I definitely recommend you watch it — before it gets forced down, by all the people it upsets.

Click here to discover the easiest way to meet and attract women. And have fun.


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