Cyber sex is here to stay. Internet Sex Industry Statistics show there are about 4 million sex/porn websites, a full 12% of all websites.  Pages in the sex industry make up 372 million hits and 68 million sex search engine requests every day. That is 25% of all search engine requests.  I have been prowling about out there and checking out what is going on.  What I found is a world of 20 something “Cublets” cruising the chat room looking for fun.  How do you stand out in the crowd?

While I prefer older younger men, smile, many Cublets think they can change my mind.  How do I know this?  They send me their length, girth and hardness…in their first message to me.  I call them Vagina Vagabonds…those hopeful Cubs that wander from vagina to vagina to vagina looking for casual sex online. Not that you personally would ever do a thing like that, you are a Menprovement Man after all.

There is something you never want to do when you meet a sexy woman online.  Never talk about sex or your swollen body parts when you are first meeting her.   Let me repeat that another way.  The more you want the woman, the less you say about sex. Even if you are a Vagina Vagabond, you will get better results if you plan a date with her and treat her like a lady first.

The more you want the woman, the less you say/text about sex.

Your lady of choice will immediately see you are smart and different. She knows why you are there, it is a sex site after all!  That being said, it is worth every minute of your time to warm her up.  Even though you may be turned on by her screen name alone, be patient!!  If she is like me, a rookie cougar, she probably has to know, like and trust you before she lets you in her virtual panties.

If you are interested in having an older sexting partner here is what you need to know.

She may be new to online chat.  If your lady love is over 50, chances are she is just getting into the internet.  She may have her guard up.  If you come on too strong, she can delete or block you.  The more comfortable and safe you make her feel, the better chance you have of getting a second date and some cyber fun.  (Yes I said second date, more on that later.)

You can truly stand out.   You have a lot of competition out there.  I get flooded with requests for cyber sex dates and I promise you if you come around slowly and flirty without sex, you will be noticed.  Pretend it is a real time first meet and greet. If you had a beautiful, older and sweet woman in front of you at a wine bar, how would you talk to her?  For more on getting to know her, read this article: Want to Date Older Women? 5 Tips You MUST Know

Women over 50 get more pleasure from cuddling and fondling than intercourse. Yes even in cyber. What you are doing is creating a mini screenplay for your date.  If you can work from shaking hands to a great hug at the end of the first conversation, you will have her interested.  I promise. I have more Vagina Vagabonds than I need.  I want a Cyber Date to treat me like a lady…a horny lady, but a lady just the same.

She will really appreciate your leadership.   Remember, if she is on a sex chat site like (free and fun) she is interested in sex and probably is feeling frisky.  You still need to convince her you want her pleasure to happen first.  Cyber is a great place to practice your Alpha skills (Thanks JD Dallas for showing guys how to be Alpha!).

She wouldn’t be on the site if she didn’t want to experiment with cyber sex.  If you lead that first text conversation, get to know her, flirt with her and then end it with a nicely described hug, you are leaving her thirsty for more of you.  Building anticipation is super important, even in cyber.

Lead her into a second date with texts like this:

(Make It Hotter Tip: Don’t rush through these texts…make her wait between. Tease)

1) It has been great chatting with you tonight. I enjoy your company.  Can I give you a virtual hug? If I were there, I would pull you to your feet and wrap your arms around my neck.I would pull you close and bury my nose in your hair.  Squeezing you with my arms crossed behind your back, first across your shoulder blades and then lower around your waist.  I love how you relax into me.

2) Then tell her that you have to check out for the night and let her go. Even though I don’t date (and yes I call it a date) guys in their 20s, even I would be very entertained by a chat like this.

3) Send a story invitation. One secret to having fun with your partner online is to create a role for her to step into.  Lots of guys ask if I want to roleplay but with no idea about who you are or what you like, there isn’t any chemistry.  If there is no chemistry, nothing is going to happen.  I also am super guarded like many women my age.  Who are you really?

Take a look at this story.  If you can message this story to your new friend and ask if she would like to continue the storyline in chat.  That way she has something to follow, someone to be so that it is not her real self that is doing the deed.  Here is a little story about a Flight Attendant and Her Younger Passenger.

It is really fun to pretend you are someone else when it comes to reading and writing erotica. Try it!


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