For those who want to impress people not with their material belongings but their social and cultural skills than understanding and speaking a foreign language and having knowledge of other cultures can be very valuable assets.

You don’t need to be flashy to show off in social circumstances.  Being clever and witty whilst giving off that air of nonchalance is the way to really impress these days. Here are some subtle but impressive ways you can demonstrate your worth to your peers.


Understanding a menu

Have you ever looked at a menu in a French restaurant and not had a clue what you are viewing? Avoid this embarrassment and impress fellow diners by learning some language skills. By having some lessons with a French teacher online from Preply you can show off to your friends when ordering. Not only will you know what you are looking at but you will also be able to speak to your waiter and order perfectly. Very impressive. This is great both when dining at home and when abroad too.


Showing cultural respect

When visiting historic or religious buildings or even when traveling you can lead by example if you have the knowledge. Cultural knowledge is becoming increasingly important both in your social and work life. By already having cultural awareness you will show respect and understanding in situations which require it. For example, women covering their heads when entering a temple or never asking for chopsticks when eating Thai food. Small chunks of knowledge can go a long way. Both locals and fellow travelers will thank you for your efforts and employers as well.


Socialising with locals

Whilst traveling and holidaying, instead of visiting the same tourist locations, why not use your language skills and meet some local people. Talk your way to the best places to eat, drink and visit by indulging in the local culture and listening to locals. Learn even more about the destination and take your friends along to new and exciting venues off the beaten track. Knowing some of the languages will mean you can really immerse yourself whilst traveling and show off about it when you get home. This kind of travel can bring the best experiences that will stay with you, and your friends for years to come.


Making interesting conversations

When you know about history and culture you can be the most interesting person at the party with your captivating conversations. You will inspire your fellow guests by your insight into the wider world. You’ll definitely be invited back as you are such a hit with the guests. This is great at other times too and not just at parties. When you want to strike up interesting conversation you will come across as intelligent and worldly too. If you want to be known as the life and soul, this is how!


Improve your career prospects

Not only is a language skill a great thing to list on your CV, it also shows your dedication to learn and your ability to be creative. Whether you are looking for a new job or a promotion in your current workplace, knowing another language can give you an edge over prospective candidates. It is also beneficial when working for a multinational company as you can converse with employees from across the world. You may also have the opportunity to work abroad too, making connections and learning even more about culture, improving your skills even further.


Making new friends

Not only will you be more sociable you are likely to make new friends as your skills make you a more interesting and approachable person. You will meet and make new friends from a range of different backgrounds, shared and conflicted interests.  You will be able to converse with people in another language which opens up to a world of prospective people you can meet, speak to and get to know. Quite impressive to have a range of international friends. There are plenty of people out there just dying to get to know you, now that will certainly impress your peers.


Being the Ideas person

Did you know that learning a new language and having these kinds of skills make you think in a different way? This just might benefit you in a creative environment and give you the ability to conjure up ideas that others may not. Thinking in a way that may seem outside the box or looking at things in an alternative way is beneficial both socially and for your career. Thinking in two different languages is also a bonus and opens your mind to more creative thinking. Whether at work or home your ideas will bring you to the forefront.  


Become fluent in NVCs

Being able to identify non-verbal communications is an important skill to have. Facial expressions, body language, and movements are all important factors when it comes to NVCs. Some people have no idea they are showing these signs or even how to read them, however having language and cultural skills means an improved identification of these signs. You’ll be able to read people better and tailor your conversation and response depending on how they react.  You’ll also know what communications you are giving off and an idea of how to control them.


Do you want to improve your skills and get the benefits?

So, whether it is to impress your friends, get more out of traveling or get on in your career, there are many ways you can impress your peers with cultural and language skills. Why not make it your new year’s resolution to improve your cultural knowledge or even to learn a new language. There are lots of ways to do this. Take a class, find lessons or tutors online or do it your own way using books or websites to gain your knowledge. You’ll reap the benefits not only this year but in years to come too. What would be your top reasons for improving your cultural knowledge and language skills?


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