How to Crush the Morning by Harnessing the Power of Routines

How to Crush the Morning by Harnessing the Power of Routines

The start of the day is a peculiar moment. As we drift away from the land of dreams, sunlight appears on the horizon, revealing the landscape of the real world. That Monday morning feeling is something we grow accustomed to, and yet, this sensation never loses its sinister odor.

Getting out of bed seems like the hardest thing in the world, but it must be done. So, there is no point in rolling over and hiding in the inviting dreamland.

Beauty Sleep

The fact that routine has earned itself a bad name is an injustice, to say the least. Somehow, it has been ganged up on as an embodiment of everything tedious in life.

This comes as a surprise, for the decision to step up and build healthy habits is an empowering one. People who realize this are able to gain a sense of self-confidence and accomplishment. Take sleeping as an example. If you did not get a good night’s sleep, it is unlikely that you will be a bundle of energy in the morning.

For a further perspective on the benefits of getting enough good sleep, as well as some information on how many hours you should be sleeping, feel free to check out this article.

Getting Active

While it does not cost you much to sacrifice the wee small hours, the benefits are many. Even if you are not a morning person, getting up a bit earlier can do wonders for your energy levels and mood. Furthermore, a burst of physical activity is just what our sleepy body needs.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that exercises are a great time waster. Well, a 5-minute workout and quick stretching is enough to awaken your body from slumber.

Time it Right

Time management and organizational skills, are not something you are born with. It is more of a constant training. Taking a quick glance at your to-do list every morning is a great way to stay aware of upcoming tasks. Know that even the slightest changes in daily routines can prevent your head from going haywire.

If it suits you better, have your to-do list always available on your smartphone via cloud services. This makes taking control of the workday easier.

Full Steam Ahead

A typical day is jam-packed with various activities and it can easily make you run out of steam. Proper nutrition is paramount for your daily functioning, and supplies you with enough energy to last through the day.

On the other hand, eating late does not aid in realigning your energy for the day. Your organism handles big meals better when you are up and running, but some light foods like bananas and almonds may actually help you sleep better. Also, coffee aficionados should not shy away from brewing their favorite beverage.

Wake up and Smell the Coffee

In reasonable amounts, coffee offers various health benefits and it serves as an instant energy fix. And when preparing morning coffee, it is again a good thing to have a smartphone.

Capture the steaming mug with the eye of the camera, and share your photo on social networks. Coffee images reign supreme in some communities and attract many creative types. Once the drinking is done, you may proceed to reading the news or any other hobby. Remember that preparing some things the night before saves you time and energy for more pleasant things.

You are What You Eat

Many of you have walked out of your apartments this morning without eating breakfast. Some have bought a bagel en route to the office, but many again have had their first meal of the day well after noon. And you all know this is a bad idea – breakfast is hailed as the most important meal of the day, and skipping it leaves you drained.

Find your very own combination, you don’t have to follow the pack in eating oatmeal every morning, you don’t have to go vegan or ballistic – but you do need to eat something jam-packed with nutrients to keep you fueled for the next 12 hours. If you do end up venturing outdoors, especially if you are on your way to the other side of town, the country, the globe, maintaining a healthy body is still imperative.

You really don’t want to experience a sugar crash in the middle of a meeting, trust me.

Morning Dreams Come True

When morning hits you hard, it is time to get energized and motivated. With minor adjustments to your routines, you will be able to get more things done each day. Benefits of a morning routine spill over to other aspects of your life and improve its quality.

Hence, reschedule the day if possible, get your priorities straight and go through the day with a bang. You will feel better about yourself, and also be more physically capable. Do not dream away, dream big and start small, with a single step out of the bed.

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