crossfit explained

CrossFit is a high-intensity strength and conditioning program created by Gary Glassman in 2000. CrossFit uses functional movements to help members reach their fitness goals, whether it’s to lose weight, build muscle, or to live a healthier life. Is CrossFit intense? Yes. Is it intimidating? Sure. Is it life changing? Absolutely! So if you’re thinking of trying it out, take a deep breath, grab your water bottle, and get ready to change your life!

If you are nervous about going to your first CrossFit class, you can rest easy knowing it probably will not be very intense. Before you can take part in the daily workouts, you’ll have to complete the Foundation Training. Your first week at a CrossFit gym (typically called a “Box”) will be like your first week at a new school. There will be friends to make, questions to ask, and new skills to learn.

Classes typically consist of a 15-minute warm-up, followed by 15 minutes of skill work. After skill work, you will move on to the Workout of the Day (WOD). The amount of time to complete a workout varies depending on the objective. Sometimes you will be racing against the clock, other times you will be aiming for a timed personal best. The workout will conclude with a cool-down.

10 Components of CrossFit

There are 10 specific fundamentals of physical fitness you will practice during each workout. Your overall fitness level will be determined based on your competency in all these domains.

– Cardiovascular and Respiratory

– Stamina

– Strength

– Flexibility

– Power

– Speed

– Coordination

– Agility

– Balance

– Accuracy

crossfit explained

Building Blocks of CrossFit

There are nine foundational movements every new CrossFit member must understand and master to ensure they get the most out of their workout. The three basic movements are: Squats, Presses, and Lifts. These movements increase in difficulty from Level 1 to Level 3. Once an athlete is comfortable with the form and technique associated with an exercise, they move to the next level.


Squats are excellent lower-body exercises that engage your hamstrings, glutes, and quadriceps. As you progress through the three levels of squats, you will also begin to engage your upper body and core, making the squat a full-body workout.

Level 1 – Air Squat:

Level 2 – Front Squat:

Level 3 – Overhead Squat:


Presses are fantastic for targeting and toning your upper body. They will engage your arms, shoulders, back, and, depending on what level you are on, your legs. As with squats, there are three levels of press.

Level 1 – Shoulder Press:

Level 2 – Push Press:

Level 3 – Push Jerk:

crossfit explained
crossfit explained


The three progressive lifts in CrossFit engage your entire body. These full body movements allow you to make the most out of any workout. If you are short on time, incorporate these exercises into your routine to torch calories and burn muscle.

Level 1 – Deadlift:

Level 2 – Sumo Deadlift High Pull:

Level 3 – Medicine Ball Clean

WOD are you Talking About?

It’s no secret that CrossFit has a language of its own. If you listen to someone talking about CrossFit, you might wonder what they’re talking about, and why they hate their friends Josh and Nancy so much. While they might be talking about a person, it is more likely they are discussing a tough workout they just did. Each WOD is given a name. WODs are usually named after women (much like storms, because they are so intense they leave you feeling like you were hit by a hurricane) or after fallen war heroes.

Six Benefits of CrossFit

No one will deny that CrossFit is an intense workout. But if you’re willing to take a shot and get your sweat on, you will reap the rewards. Here are just a few of the many benefits CrossFit will have on your health and life.

crossfit explained

Remember that while every CrossFit trainer is certified and able to adapt workouts to your needs, it is important that you consult your physician about any pre-existing conditions before beginning a new workout regime.

The best thing to do if you are considering joining a CrossFit gym is to simply head down to the gym and check it out. They have certified coaches on site who are more than willing to answer any questions and put your fears to rest. Who knows, you could be the next breakout star at the CrossFit games!


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