The Art of Picking a Credit Card That’s Perfect for You

Give credit where credit is due. And when it’s your turn, take the credit! Read this to learn the art of picking a credit card that’s perfect for you.

Junk mail. We all get it. On average, a typical household receives about 848 pieces a year.

Do you know what’s in that stack of junk? Most likely pre-approved credit card offers. The kind you want to read and apply for with caution.

Don’t apply to the first credit card offer you take out of the mailbox. Picking a credit card requires a lot more thought than that.

Before you fill out that application you should consider your own financial situation. Then, choose the credit card that’s right for you.


Picking a Credit Card: Which One’s the Right One?

Sure, one of those offers sounds like a dream come true. But, you won’t know for sure until you do a little soul searching.

Here are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself before you choose a credit card.


How’s Your Credit?

If you haven’t checked your credit score, it’s time.

Knowing your credit score helps you narrow down what you might qualify for. If you’ve got good credit, you can expect a better deal on interest rates, annual fees, and card terms.

If not, you may want to choose a card that helps you rebuild your credit. Or one that strengthens your budget.

Take a look at your credit, first. Then decide which card offers you the most financial and credit building benefits.


What are Your Spending Habits?

Travel? Groceries and gas? Dining out?

Plenty of cards offer cash back or points based on your spending habits. Like these cards with double cash back offers.

But, which rewards will you use? And, which ones are worth the investment?

Earning thousands of travel points sounds amazing. But, you’ll invest a lot of money in those points, first. Not to mention, most of those cards have a pretty hefty annual fee.

The amount of points it takes for a single free flight is in the 10,000 to 30,000 range. Depending on the flight, of course.

It takes you an average of $1 or $2 spent per point earned. That’s a lot of charging you’ve got to do to make that many points. Plus, you’ll pay interest on those charges.

And those annual fees? Think in the $100 to $400 range. Wow!

You may be better off paying cash for your flight!

The bottom line is that rewards are great if you’ll use them. But, they shouldn’t cost you more in the long run.

Consider cards with rewards, but only if they offer a financial benefit.


What’s Your Situation?

Are you a student or a first-time card holder? You should look for cards that grow as you do.

First timers may need to start with a secured card. It requires you to put down money to get approval. Think of it as a starter card that you can upgrade later.

Or, you’re not a first timer. Got a lot of high-interest card debt? You’ll want balance transfers and offers that reduce your existing interest.

Consider your life right now. Look for the card that helps you live better.


Take the Credit, Today!

Don’t pick the first offer in the stack. Take a look at your credit and spending habits. Then, make a wise choice.

You can start by picking a credit card that makes the most sense for you!

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