Sneaker collecting has become a big hobby for shoe and sports enthusiasts alike, with many paying huge sums to own the biggest brands and have one of everything in their collection.

The hobby has grown from just a handful of people to thousands of collectors buying sneakers for huge amounts of money.  

It’s not just sneakers that can be collected either; there are loads of options for those that want to collect shoes and show off their love of footwear. Whatever type of shoe you choose to collect, here are some handy tips on building a collection you can cherish.

Examine Your Motives

When you’re looking to start a shoe collection, you need to make sure that you figure out what you want from it before you begin. You might just want to collect for your own pleasure, or you might be keen to invest in your shoes in an effort to make money from them at a later date. Whatever the purpose of your collection, it’s important that you know before you start putting your hard-earned money into it. 

Work Out If You’re Wearing Them

Some shoe collectors often wear their shoes as part of creative outfits, while others choose to keep their footwear in pristine condition to enhance its value. Before you start creating your collection you need to make sure that you know whether or not you’ll be wearing your shoes. If you’re collecting just for fun, then you can probably wear your shoes, whereas if want to make money from your shoes then they might make you a better return if they’re in mint condition. 

Select The Brands You Love

Find a brand that offers the style you like and then search through their offering for the shoes you’d like to add to your collection.  Collecting multiple pairs of shoes from the same brand will make your collection more coherent, so consider cultivating a collection of only one or two select brands whose style you admire. 

Consider The Style You Want

As well as the brand of shoes you’re going to be collecting, you also need to think about the style. Whilst sneakers are among the most common shoes that people collect, you can make a collection out of anything. There’s a wide variety of different types of shoes for men that you can choose to incorporate into your collection, so think long and hard and do your research before you begin. 

Start With The Classics

Starting your shoe collection can be daunting, as there are so many different types of shoes even in each subcategory and style. Following the above tips and creating a plan will help you a little, but for those who still feel overwhelmed the best way to begin your collection is to focus on classic styles. Find some of the shoes that every collector should have and add those to your collection before you branch out and add some creative options that are unique to you and your collection. 

Stay Informed On The Latest Releases

When you’re collecting shoes, you need to make sure that you’re constantly buying the latest designs so that your collection is constantly current. Find a reliable supplier such as SSENSE, which offers a wide range of sneakers by big brands like Givenchy, then regularly check out SSENSE’s catalog of the latest styles so that you always have the most current designs.

Store Your Shoes Properly

A shoe collection needs to be stored in a safe, clean and tidy space where you can easily access it and see all of the shoes you have. Find a shoe storage solution that fits with your home’s aesthetic and will show your collection in all its glory. 

Learn To Maintain Your Shoes

Shoe collections need to be cleaned and maintained to ensure that they continue to look great for many years to come. Learn how to take care of your footwear so that your collection always looks impressive and is comfortable for if you want to wear your shoes. 

Consider Insuring Your Collection

Not everyone needs to insure their shoe collection, but it’s worth exploring whether or not you should invest in insurance. If your collection is worth a lot of money, or you’re particularly precious about it, then consider finding an insurance provider that will add clothing insurance to your home insurance policy to give you peace of mind. 

Enjoy Yourself!

It’s important that you have fun collecting shoes, so try not to stress yourself out too much and enjoy yourself. It’ll be worth all your hard work when you have an amazingly curated collection of shoes that all your friends will be envious of. 

Collecting shoes is a great hobby for fashionable men who want to showcase their creativity and personal sense of style, and by following this guide you can craft the perfect collection and have fun during the process.


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