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I received a recent request from a close friend of mine who is climbing the ranks fast in the corporate world. He brought to my attention that a lot of the articles around the web & on MenProvement are focused on how to break free from, or how to quit your corporate job.

But this isn’t the immediate goal for everyone.

Maybe you love your job. Or maybe you recognize that climbing the ranks in your company is the fastest way to your passion and living how you want.

Granted, being a college grad in a cubicle is not the dream. But it’s a start.

So whether your goals are to run your company one day, rise in the ranks as you search for your passion, or just to make more money to fund your side business, this article by J. Arthur Wallace offers a lot of insight.

J. Arthur Wallace graduated college 3 years ago, and has since then received numerous promotions has has become a key player in a company of over 10,000 employees. There is no doubt he will be a leader of the world one day and his wisdom is worth the read.

How to make the most of your corporate job as you search for your passion.

By J. Arthur Wallace

So, you woke up this morning, rolled out of bed, hopped in the shower, threw on your respective uniform and walked to the subway, your car, the bus – embarking on the commute to the cubicle you call home five days a week.

The physical destination may be the same everyday but, you have the unique opportunity to change the outcome of that day and ultimately position yourself for a future job that invigorates you.

Instead of begrudging your current situation, you need to be proactive; focus on specific tasks or functions, within your job, you find interesting and expand your knowledge on those areas. The role of any employee is to ultimately add value to their respective organization/employer. We add value on a very rudimentary level by showing up and completing the tasks prescribed to us. As you expand your knowledge try to find tangible process improvements, value adders, which will make senior management take note and also allow you to professionally grow.

So you’ve conceptualized a great idea, determined that it is tangible and if implemented, could add real value to your company – that’s great. Communicating that idea to your manager or department head is another task in its self. The buzz word these days is – emotional intelligence – a major part of personal development, involving the ability to control your emotions. That great idea you have is just an idea unless it can be effectively communicated.

Being proactive is imperative to continuing your professional growth. However, jumping out of your seat and running over to your manager to tell him/her your great idea may seem laudable to you but, ultimately could result in disappointment. At the same time, complaining about current functions to colleagues is detrimental, curtailing your ability to think clearly – finding a happy medium between the two is reasonable and provides you with the best chance of a positive outcome.

Prior to presenting your idea, focus on how you currently add value to your company. From a very basic level why should your manager take the time to meet with you? The answer to that question is specific to you, but, keep in mind, by asking to expand your role you’re consequently asking your manager to expand their accountability.  Being conscience of this, allows you contextualize your idea in a way that is win-win for both you and your manager.

In closing, be receptive to any feedback and continue to seek professional and personal improvement. You are never confined to your current position or cubicle, but complacency will constrain you.

Enjoy the process and your true passion will emerge with time.

– J. Arthur Wallace

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