So you want a cool men’s hairstyle but have no idea what haircut to get or how to tell your barber what you want?

The trip to the barber is dreaded by many guys, making it a cumbersome need rather than an enjoyable experience. The problem is that most men find a hairstyle they are comfortable with, and never change it again out of convenience.

To make matters worse, the process of choosing a new hairstyle has become even more complex given the sheer number of cuts, styles and variations that have emerged over the years.

Luckily, there are excellent resources out there to help with this problem. For example, see this unique infographic showcasing the top Cool Hairstyles for Men in 2017. As always, the fade continues to be a part of a majority of cuts.

However, retro styles such as the pompadour, quiff, slicked back and comb over have made a comeback in recent years. Add in some new hipster cuts like the undercut, faux hawk and brush up, and men have a number of awesome haircuts to choose from.

In fact, the one of the most valuable parts of the guide is the fact that it describes each hairstyle and how to get/style it. For guys who don’t understand men’s hair terminology, this is an excellent resource that provides descriptions and illustrations.

It also is important to remember that not every haircut is appropriate for a guy. Hairstyles are actually highly dependent on face shape. Once you’ve identified your face shape, choosing the optimal hairstyle for yourself is easy given the selection available.

After looking at the graphic, we hope you’ll be enthusiastic to try something new during your next visit to the barbershop!


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