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Have you heard of Neil Patel? How about Seth Godin or Brian Clark? These are some of the greatest content marketers of our times. Some might even call them content gurus! What makes them stand out of the crowd is that they have built a personal brand, using content. They all have a blog that is updated consistently. Their personal businesses are successful. Here are tips that you can follow to grow your personal brand too with content marketing.

Create Unique Content

You must be so tired of hearing this, but content is king indeed. There is no way around it except until the content you provide is original and unique. You need to grow your personal brand with content marketing. Then the content you provide to your readers, the industry needs to be something new. Dedicate a website for your personal brand.

Curate Unique Content

Content curation is the new buzzword and one that needs to be taken seriously if you want to grow your personal brand. Creating your own content is not enough anymore. You need to share quality content of other writers and industry leaders too. Don’t share what is already shared by others, i.e. Forbes articles or articles that are already doing the rounds. Use tools and apps like Feedly to find new and other exciting blogs that readers would love to know. Remember, content curation ethics and tag the original author when you share it on social media. To add more engagement, share your own insight or commentary when you post.

Create Content to Share Knowledge

If you take a quick tour of Neil Patel’s blog, you will quickly see that each post is no less than 2000 words. Some even cross 7000 words! He has got e-books that are plump with tips and expertise on marketing. The best part about all these rich resources is that they are free! Neil doesn’t write posts to build links! He writes them to share his knowledge. So if you have ideas or knowledge that can help people – give it away for free. This will build credibility, and that’s a great thing for your personal brand.

Create a Presence in Your Industry

Content marketing is using different platforms to share your content. It is not limited to social media. You can make your presence known in the industry by taking a fresh approach to content formats. That means approaching high authority websites for guest blogging, get featured on a podcast, make vlogs, write an ebook, create webinars and more. The more diversified your content, the faster will your personal brand grow.

Update What’s Already Present

For a personal brand to be successful, your online profiles need to come across as a real and reliable person, not a robot that talks in jargons. Take a look at all your social media profiles and update them with some interesting information. Visual consistency is important in social media. You can outsource to find the best professional writers to help you create an interesting profile on Linkedin. It’s important you associate your name with only quality material online. So if there is a blog that is no longer part of your personal brand then contact the website to disavow it. Take down irrelevant content which is not suitable for your personal brand anymore.

Create More Opportunities to Build Relationships

There are many ways to use your content and build a relationship with your readers. You can start by sharing valuable content that gives the readers answers to their problems. Solutions or tips that the readers find useful. Every piece of content you write needs to be hard-hitting. Invite readers to comment, ask questions, ask for feedback and use what you get. This will help strengthen your relationship with your readers. Make online discussions a priority.

Say Yes to More Opportunities

If you are already building great content that your readers love to read, then chances are that you will be approached by businesses who want to use your expertise. Say yes to these opportunities. Remember, the more online and offline presence you have, the better your personal brand will be. Sometimes, the small size of the company that approaches you for expertise may not interest you. If the business is related to your industry and make sure to grab the opportunity and make yourself shine (to bring in more prospects!)

Keep Up to Date with Your Industry

It’s important to keep up industry trends if you want to be seen as an authority. An authority would always have the answers or solutions. It may not even be through your own content. But when you share and talk about new trends in the industry, people are more likely to turn to you for direction. Be curious to learn about the new developments in your industry. Then share your thoughts and opinions about it on social media. Linkedin is an excellent platform to share such updates to be known as an authority.

Now that you know how to grow your personal brand with content marketing work hard and be consistent to see the results.


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