Content Marketing Tools to Boost Your Business Brand


In order to have the competitive edge and to get a higher market share, relying on traditional marketing simply doesn’t suffice. Nowadays, people use mobile devices and the Internet to search for information regarding products, services, business brands, and damn near anything else regarding you and your company.

People now prefer to make their purchases online because it’s easier to do research, and far more convenient. (One Click amazon purchases anyone?)

This explains why many business owners of today spend thousands just to come up with an effective digital marketing campaign that would get better leads and generate profit. Marketers make use of content marketing to target specific audience, get better leads and to increase the business’ visibility online.

Through the use of these content marketing tools, creating, curating and distributing content is made much easier and more efficient.

Content Curation


If you are searching for a great content curation tool that you can use for massive amounts of content, Buzzumo is a good tool that you can use. With this tool, you can create better content as it gives you the insights as to which types of content will work for your site. It has influencer amplification and competitor analysis that can help you track the performance of your competitors.

Waywire Enterprise

Known as one of the best video curation tools, Waywire Enterprise is a curation tool that publishers and even businesses can use. What is nice about this platform is that it is fully-customizable which only means that you can curate content depending on what your business needs. On top of that, Waywire Enterprise is a cloudbased curation tool. With the help of this tool, you can upload your curate and upload your content.

Widely used by business to increase online visibility, is a content curation tool that you can use to curate and share your content. Aside from this feature, Curata enables you to analyze content on any topic. This content marketing platform can definitely help you increase leads which can increase your revenues. No wonder there are now a lot of companies that are using this tool for their content marketing strategies. Curata allows you to publish and further promote your content anytime and anywhere.

Content Creation

When creating content for your online marketing campaign, you cannot afford to have a content that lacks appeal and poorly written. Just look at the vast content that you can find on the Internet. If you want to attract more customers, your content should stand out.

It should be compelling, highly engaging and creative. is a great tool that you can use for content creation. Make your content more appealing to your target readers by knowing what specific topics to write, what appeals to audience and by using search engine optimization techniques to boost your business brand.


Contently is a tool that allows you to tell great stories. It is a journalist marketplace where users get to have management tools that they can use for content creation. Apart from being used by freelancers, this platform is also for marketers and business owners who want to have an efficient talent network. What is nice Contently is that they offer amazing features and other really useful tools like sponsorship, distribution, publishing and workflow tools.

Content Distribution

A platform used by B2B companies. What is great about this tool is that owned content can be turned into ad spots. These ad spots are then distributed to various of sites and other social networks. As a paid content distribution tool, it can make your content into spots that are worth clicking. The site can help you get 36 million impressions per minute. In addition, the site also has content sequencing feature as you queue content in the right order.

Sharing your content to social networking platforms and to other sites does not have to that difficult. makes it really easy and fast for you to publish your content on different social media sites. This is strongly recommended for businesses that are using social media to promote their business and to get more customers and clients. For business startups, this is also a cost efficient tool especially if you are working on a limited budget. By using, you can easily share your content to Twitter, Facebook and to other sites. Schedule as to when you want the content to be published and you are good to go.

Another great tool that businesses can use to increase awareness and to target a specific group of audience is This tool can help you promote your content to audiences in Gravity’s network. The site also allows you to create an interest graph. Since they aim to customize the web by getting the right content from advertisers and publishers, you know which specific content to be posted. Keep in mind that readers want original, compelling and relevant content.


Outbrain promotes your content to the web’s biggest media properties. From to ESPN, people will definitely find your content interesting. The tool offers an innovative solution for modern publishers. With Outbrain, it is easy for you to manage your online content and promote your content not just in any site but in premium websites. To date, Outbrain has a global audience reach of 561 million and there are 190 billion total recommendations.

In Conclusion

Content marketing when planned and execute the right way can be much more effective than traditional marketing. Almost all people today use the Internet to search for a particular product or service. And what is nice with content marketing is that even small businesses get the chance to compete with bigger enterprises.

By effectively using these content marketing tools, you can definitely achieve your business goals without the need to overstretch your budget and at the same time, reach your target market thereby increasing your profits.


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