Communication is super important in any relationship, but when it comes to the romantic partnership, it’s vital. You can stay together for so long if you solely rely on passion and chemistry. 

Good communication is not something that happens naturally. Two soulmates who click from the first date and stay together for years without any conflicts is the scenario that can only take place in the movies. If you want this relationship to work, you have to try really hard.

So how to communicate in a relationship? Find all the answers in this post.  


Keep eye contact 

The first communication tip on our list is learning to keep eye contact while talking to your partner, and here’s why it’s important. Another person’s gaze is a very powerful social stimulus. In fact, some researches started seeing the evidence of automatic positive affective reactions to eye contact. Does that mean we can fall in love just by staring at each other? We don’t know yet. But there might be cause-and-consequence relation between the way people look at us and the way we feel about them. Apart from the research-backed assumptions, there are psychological implications for watching your gaze. Maintaining eye contact while talking to your partner lets them know on a subconscious level that your attention is directed towards them, and vice versa. If you’re not looking at them, you’re probably not paying attention. 


Have compassion for your partner

Being forgiving when it comes to the other person’s flaws is critical for good communication in a relationship. We’re all humans and each of us has their quirks. So even if you hate that reality tv show your girlfriend watches every other day, don’t trash-talk her. And if you can’t handle her loud bursts of laughter in public places or her dramatic gestures during a conversation, she is not the problem. You are the problem. Address your own insecurities and find out what it is that you are projecting on her. Nobody owes you anything, and even your partner should not change who they are to make you happy. So, yeah, to be a better partner, you need to build emotional strength


Be a better listener 

If you were looking for a fix-it-all major secret to making a woman happy, we have to disappoint you now because it doesn’t exist. However, being a good listener is as close as it can get to one. There’s this great quote that became viral on the internet lately, and it goes like this: if you want to be interesting, be interested. It couldn’t be more relevant for communication in relationships. If you want your partner to pay attention to you, pay attention to them. Besides, here’s one super helpful insight into female psychology. Most of the time, women just want to be heard. Trust us, she knows how to meet her project deadlines and she doesn’t want your advice on better time management. All you need is to be a good listener and let her talk it out. 


Reveal your personal wants 

Your partner is not a psychic, and she can’t read your thought. Well, let’s be real. Not every psychic can do that either (if any). Our point is that you should talk about your personal wants and needs, and she should do the same. The key to a successful relationship is being open with each other about your desires, and we’re not just talking about sex life. It makes sense to find out what’s your and your partner’s love language and what both of you expect from the partner. Secretly hoping that your girlfriend will eventually realize how she can make you happier won’t get you anywhere, and the same goes the other way. 


Pause and ask for feedback 

If you are convinced that she causes communication in relationships to suffer, that might be the first sign that the blame is actually on you. Going back to the previous tips, you have to talk to each other and let each other know what doesn’t feel right in this relationship. For example, if one of you would like to see other people on the side, it makes sense to find out whether the partner wants the same. This is the extreme case scenario, of course, but even situations like that can be managed by setting the open marriage ground rules. Anyways, don’t forget to ask your girlfriend for feedback to make sure you’re not making her feel uncomfortable.   


Respect advice 

Our last piece of communication advice would be to respect your partner at all times. Even if you don’t entirely agree with the advice that they give you, remember that they see you from the side, which means they might have a case in point. It’s also very important to respect your partner because that’s how reciprocity works. The way you behave around them will influence how they act towards you. And both partners will benefit from courteous and trustful relationships. 



Disagreements between women and men, and communication problems we all face – it’s a completely normal thing. So instead of worrying whether she’s the one after another fight, recall our communication tips. It might be your way to happily ever after. 



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