8 Surprising Facts You Don’t Know About Commercial Truckers

Trucking boasts of employing drivers regardless of gender, providing a livelihood for millions of families. Truckers haul shipment from one corner of the country to another just to make sure you get what you want.

Without these truck drivers, the economy would slow down. You won’t have access to agricultural produce and fresh milk each day. Medical devices won’t be available as before. Each day, these shipments are hauled to you by dedicated truckers who take these roads regardless of rain, snow, traffic snarl-ups, rocky terrains and winds. Have you ever stopped to think about what these truckers go through to get to where you are? Here are a few facts you need to know.


1) They Clock Thousands of Miles Each Week

The average truck driver is supposed to travel a few thousand miles each week. This differs from state to state based on the time restrictions to reduce the rate of accidents. Drivers that are just starting out clock fewer hours as they get used to the roads and schedule.


2) They Stick to a Strict Schedule

All the truck drivers work according to a predefined schedule. Each trucker is given the minimum number of hours to get the shipment to the destination. Some of the items are perishable and need to reach the destination on time to prevent them from getting spoilt.


3) Injuries are Common

Due to the long distances and monotony of this job, many truck drivers experience injuries from sitting too long. The injuries target the back, reason why many truckers suffer from back pain. The cause is attributed to sitting too long in one position and moving heavy loads. Fortunately, workers compensation is meant to cover such injuries, but you need a good personal injury lawyer to handle the process for you.


4) They Handle Trucks That Weigh Thousands of Pounds

A loaded truck can weigh in excess of 70,000 pounds. The extensive weight makes it harder for the trucker to handle the vehicle easily, which is why trucking accidents are on the rise.

5) The Average Daily Distance is 500 Miles

The average distance the trucker drives each day is 500 miles. This is regardless of the load and the size of the vehicle. This distance takes a toll on most of the truckers, leading to health problems.


6) Handling an 80-feet Truck is a Way of Life

The average length of a semi-trailer minus the cab is 53 feet. When the cab is added, the average length of the truck falls between 70 and 80 feet. On the extreme, the truckers can even handle road trains, which are trucks with multiple trailers that are capable of hauling in the excess of 300,000 pounds.


7) It Is All About Gears, Gears and More Gears

Truckers are taught to handle multiple gears, which are necessary for the kind of rigs they handle. These trucks have an average of 10 forward gears and 2 for reverse. However, some trucks come with as many as 18 gears.


8) Most Trucking Accidents Involve 2 or More Vehicles

Statistics show that over half of the trucking accidents involve multiple vehicles. The second vehicle is mostly a small car. More than 90 percent of the fatalities experienced are seen in occupants of the smaller vehicle. These accidents are due to several reasons, many which point to the negligence of the driver of the truck. Ifyou find yourself in such a scenario, consult Truck Accident Attorneys to get the justice and compensation you deserve.

In Closing

The life of a trucker isn’t as rosy and smooth as you might think. They have to handle long working hours, tight schedules and at times, accidents.

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