Follow These Quick College Style Tips to Make a Lasting Impression

Follow These Quick College Style Tips to Make a Lasting Impression

It’s hard to make an impression, making someone to like or even look at you for the looks or for your dressing style can be quite exhausting.


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Now imagine yourself being in a college or high school when you’re surrounded with hundreds of chic sexy girls. It’s hard to make them look at you when you don’t have a muscular body or even if you’re not in the varsity football team, wearing that cool letter jacket with your college arm patch.

Everyone loves being stalked at and it doesn’t just go for girls. Even though, guys don’t admit it but they like being watched and observed by girls. So how about we make it a regular habit for them to check you out wherever you walk or talk.

Here are some quick fashion style tips to put you in the zone.

Keeping It Real

Whatever you select to wear, keep it simple enough. Don’t overdo it with excess pieces of clothing in order to puff yourself up to make you look all muscled up. Girls are smart enough to tell when you put on extra clothing to make yourself look all strong as if you’re coming right from a gym.

Also, don’t wear extra clothing like jewelry, surfs or over-sized jackets. Keep it real with a simple tee and a pair of jeans. You can wear a nice sporty watch and a nice backpack for your college gear essentials.

Don’t try to make yourself look all flashy by wearing more than three colors for yourself. Try matching contrast clothing, unless you want to attract the wrong kind of attention. Be yourself and know where you’re going; to a college so act like yourself, don’t pretend to be a rockstar by wearing heavy glittery jackets or torn up shirts.

Make it Look Casual

Don’t try too hard to impress. Try to wear casual clothing, if it’s meant to be, then you’ll get noticed. Try simple one tone color tees or collared shirts, you can even try an open shirt with it and a pair of jeans.

Fashionable Tees with Tag-liners

Select a Tee with a funny quote, people do take notice and read what’s written on your shirt. A simple quote might describe your personality or would get you popular with a funny quote on your tee. Don’t advertise for a company by having its logo on your shirt.

You don’t want to be a walking billboard in college or a marketing salesman right from the start of your college days.

Let Your Shoes Speak Out Loud

One thing that the ladies always notice is the shoes. Keep them clean and sharp, being a guy doesn’t mean that you have to keep your shoes all dirty, rugged or torn up while cycling, jogging or walking in college.

Know What’s Out There

Try to stay with the latest fashion trend but be careful to see if the trend is appropriate enough to wear at a college. The best way to know it for sure is to see if other guys are following the trend and if it is being accepted by the people.

Upgrade Your Look

Try out a new hairstyle or a beard fashion. Don’t try to look like a caveman by growing your beard as it’s not the right time when you’re just starting college. Try out a new style and see what suits best on your face. Guys with a thin jawline can keep a good beard style but it won’t go with guys with a board face texture.

You can even try out a cool letterman jacket, You don’t necessarily have to be in the college football team to wear one, customize your own jacket according to your preference and let it hang on you. What you wear is who you are, remember that!

So there you have it, these style tips will make you act like a boss and will surely have some glances and stares upon you. Happy Hunting!


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