cogito smart watch review

cogito smart watch review

As each month moves forward, it seems that technology is moving forward a few years.

Before you can head to the store to pickup the latest gadget, there is a newer, better and more advanced version being announced.

Well, if you are into technology then it’s time to change the way you tell the time, with the new Cogito smart watch.

This watch blends the sophistication of a great looking watch (it’s beautiful) with new technological advances of linking with your smart phone for all sorts of cool features. We’ll go over them in detail below.

If you’re starting to become intrigued, check out the video below for a look at the watch and all its magnificence.

That’s a great video by Brad Scott. I was going to make my own but he did it well enough.

So what separates the Cogito smart watch from other watches?

1) Well for starters, just because it is a smart watch, doesn’t mean it looks like some crazy gadget. This is one of the best looking watches I own and I get compliments all the time. (No pun intended) You can see in the picture below (in the middle between my trusted Movado and Casual Lacoste) that it blends in and looks like a regular watch. Which is what I love. No one has to know you are wearing a smart watch if you don’t want.

cogito smart watch

2) It alerts you whenever you have a phone call, Facebook notification, text message or calendar alert.

“So what, thats why I have a phone” is what you are probably saying.

I thought the same thing. But being an unexpected blogger, my eyes get way to much screen time as it is. This is perfect for being able to keep your phone on silent, not constantly checking it and being alerted only when you need. It is also perfect for business meetings where you can be alerted without an overly loud vibration.

3) You can use it to take pictures from your phone. Again, you may think you don’t need this, but as you see in Brads video, this is useful when you want to take a selfie from a few feet back. Just set you phone, get in the picture and take it using your watch. Great for solo travelers who don’t want the “just your face” pics.

Why am I doing this review?

I don’t often review products like this. But this is truly one that can improve your life.

Like I said, it’s great for business meetings, looks awesome & can keep your face out of your phone. Which is modern time is a great attribute to have.

So if you dig the watch, head to and check out their awesome selection of Cogito classics (what I have) and the Cogito pop, a more sporty version.

And congratulations to our lucky reader who won a free Cogito Smart Watch in our first official giveaway. If you want to be the next winner, make sure you subscribe below and you will be automatically entered in all upcoming contests.

Thanks guys, enjoy.


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