Were you voted class clown in high school and that’s carried you through to adulthood? Or, have you come out of your shell since high school and really found your groove of humor to share with others? Whatever your timing, you’re the funny guy at work, always telling jokes, playing innocent pranks and keeping the energy light and your co-workers laughing. Truth be told, you’re the guy people love to work with, because you keep things fun. Sharing content found online, whether from social media or just browsing the internet throughout the day, is a favorite past time of many working adults now. Here are some favorites:

  1. Memes & GIFs: Seriously, is it GIFs or GIFs? I know you just pronounced those differently, like data and data. Whatever the correct pronunciation is for each, we love both, for varying reasons. Sharing memes and GIFs with your co-workers is a surefire way to break up the monotony of an otherwise quiet day.

  2. Remember JibJab? I was first introduced during the Bush/Kerry race in the early 2000s, and have been a fan of its humor and array of funny content ever since. If you’ve not checked it out in a while, give it a look!

  3. Funny video compilations: from silly cats and dogs, to the infamous honey badger video, you can find hillarity in video format in any variety of topics. We used to watch the honey badger video during meetings, to set the tone. The honey badger later became our unofficial internal mascot and a part of our culture. You never know what good can come from sharing a good laugh!

Whatever your source and delivery of fun and funny content with your favorite co-workers, you can take pride in knowing you’re doing a solid service for the world by sharing humor, which we all need more of. Laughter changes the energy of a place, adds more happiness and light to the room. Plus, laughter really is the best medicine!


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