Home Cleaning

Some people find cleaning their houses therapeutic. The reason for so is not difficult to comprehend as some researchers have confirmed that out too. Cleaning is seen as a physical activity, the only difference here from the actual one being that it leaves the surroundings neat and clean and a nice psychological effect on the mind in addition to the body.

Now, you might want to have some proof. Here are a few researches and their results:

  1. A Journal of the Physiological Science in a study states that as compared to participants in a disorderly room, people in orderly room choose healthy snacks and donate money too.
  2. British Journal of Sports Medicine carried out an independent research on 30 couples. It was found out that physical activity of as less as 20 minutes helped them in curbing depression.
  3. There is another voice being made by a report of a Scottish survey done on 3000 people. People participated revealed that doing vigorous household chores every day helped them curb stress by 20%.
  4. A study published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin talks about the effect of an unfinished home on your health. Cortisol builds up throughout the day. Seeing a cluttered home doesn’t help in bringing it down. This eventually affects mood and sleep.

There are many more studies that have echoed the same sentiments.

Having read the above, lets divulge in the various things that make cleanliness a feel good activity.

#1 Cure For Depression

If the British Journal of Sports medicine study is to be believed then depression has such an easy cure. So why not make home cleaning as the chosen physical activity. There is no denying the fact that it is equally beneficial for the body as other regular kind of physical activities.

#2 Promotes Healthy Eating

It was reported in the Journal Physiological Science that people who work amidst clean surroundings are more likely to pick an apple in place of a chocolate bar. This proves that a messy place puts your brain under stress and you start looking for comfort foods or are more likely to overeat. A clean, clutter free place promotes good eating habits. Consuming a diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables is good for the mental health. It keeps your system clean too. When you eat well, you feel good about your body.

#3 Keep Allergies Afar

Washing sheets and curtains, cleaning sink and fridge, vacuuming, and keeping furniture clean is a great way to keep yourself safe of the allergens hiding in such places. Pollen, dust mites, pet dander and other products are present in the air. Most of them are known for causing respiratory tract problems, especially in kids. Taking out time now will ensure that you don’t have to scratch your eyes later on or bear with a running nose. When your body is healthy, you feel energized.

#4 Save Money

Well, let’s not deny this. Money is one of the reasons for stress in our lives today. For instance, a cluttered home can make it difficult for you to locate the bills and that may result in late payment. Not to forget all the commotion and more clutter you make in searching them. Similarly, you buy things that you already have, but you couldn’t find them because of the clutter. You eat out more often because your kitchen is in a messy state. Regular clean up will help you avert the above situations and save money. And thus the reason for stress would be shelled out. When you are able to save money, you feel good about your finances and life.

#5. Mind Healer

People who enjoy the act of cleaning the houses find it healing. Cleaning the house mindfully is seen as a stress management technique. Just enjoy your work, it will leave you relaxed and at peace with yourself. When your mind is at peace, you work well and earn success in life.

#6. Workout

Only the movements that are vigorous for your parts to feel stretched and your heart beat to race will lend you the benefits akin to a normal workout. Dusting should not be counted. A few things that can help you accomplish reap the benefits include scrubbing floors and windows, picking items and taking from one room to another, running up and down the stairs. These activities make a body release endorphins and help you burn calories besides toning your body, especially your limbs that work out the most. When your body is well toned, you feel confident about yourself.

The Bottom Line

Having said all the above also makes me add another fact. Don’t overdo. Doing so may add to stress levels. And we definitely aren’t in favor of that. Take professional cleaning services by your side if the task becomes too overbearing. After all, cleanliness equals to good health – physical as well as mental.


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