A circadian rhythm is a 24-hour pattern in the bodily processes of breathing organisms, such as cyanobacteria, fungi, animals, and plants. The rhythm modulates the sleep-wake cycle. Although circadian rhythms are self-succored, they are entrained to the native habitat by cues such as redox cycles, temperature, and light. An abnormal circadian rhythm in medical science is called a circadian rhythm disorder.

Nowadays, many individuals have difficulties with sufficient sleeping. Waking up without a few alarms is difficult for most of us, especially the working class. The same applies in the evening, where most of us struggle to sleep for most of the night. The reason for this is a disturbed circadian rhythm which leads to various types of hormonal imbalances. 

The Truth About HGH

Most gentlemen had two thoughts in mind when rumors started to swirl in December 2015 that Peyton Manning had consumed the human growth hormone to recover from injury. The thoughts included: “Peyton is a cheater” and “Maybe I need to get some as well.”The abuse gave adverse connotations to a hormone that may be beneficial to some people, including millions with joint injuries and brain damage.

Very few men believe in miraculous waters. It seems that the majority of them trust in the syringe of youth. A good percentage of them inject human growth hormone to decelerate the clock tick instead of consuming rejuvenated waters. Some are inspired by the “anti-aging” movement claims while others are motivated by young athletes striving for a competitive edge. Like Ponce de Len in 1513, the athletes still gain the benefit of training, while HGH for men is used as an alternative for working out. However, does the growth hormone slow aging or boost performance? Also, is it safe?

Every time you sleep, your pituitary gland squirts out HGH, which is a polypeptide consisting of 191 amino acids. Sleep processes with a weak circadian component are thought to control the 24-h rhythm of growth hormone (GH). HGH secretion is subject to a diurnal and circadian rhythm that precedes a sleeping pattern. Disruption of sleep patterns leads to largely unpredictable and compensatory pulses of GH release.

The correct amount of sleep affects the levels of ghrelin and leptin, hormones of hunger, and satiety. Disturbance of our circadian rhythm makes it difficult for us to eat until our needs are fulfilled. As a consequence, we tend to feel hungry always and become more willing to consume unhealthy dishes. Such foods can easily stunt our growth.

The regulation of carbohydrates metabolism is also affected by sleep. If you sleep for less than six hours, your body may have difficulties regulating the sugar levels. You are likely to wake up in the morning, craving for a large number of carbohydrates and sweet things. The longer this condition persists, the higher the risk of developing insulin resistance increases. 

Limited amounts of sleep introduce us to a vicious circle because it promotes adrenaline exhaustion. The condition leads to constant disturbance of the cortisol levels. In the morning, the levels are usually too low for us to get up quickly and in the evening, they are usually too high for us to fall asleep quickly. Due to this, it is hard for us to change habits linked to the circadian rhythm as the problem grows bigger and bigger. 

How to Restore the Natural Circadian Rhythm and Improve the Quality of Sleep

Lifestyle changes, in addition to supplementation and diet, are necessary when we have hormonal problems. The adjustments should have a positive impact on the endocrine system’s regulation. On your way to a good state of health, this is an important step. Below is a tip of how to get back on track.


Blue Light Exposure


In the evening, you should limit exposure to blue light. Artificial light from smartphones, computers, and televisions disrupts the production of natural melatonin and tricks our body into thinking that it is still day. This leads to excessive agitation in the evening and affects the lack pf psyche to sleep. The production of HGH is also affected by too much exposure to such light, which in turn leads to accelerated aging. 


When restoring the hormonal balance, adjusting the circadian rhythm is extremely important. Thanks to this, you will regenerate quickly after practice sessions, concentration and memory will also improve, and inflammation states will no longer be a cause of concern.



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