Caring for your Hair After a Transplant

It is important to understand that a hair transplant is not a quick fix for the problem of baldness. It takes a significant amount of time and discipline to retain your hair to its maximum potential. You will need to use specialist shampoos and practices to ensure you get the very best results from your hair transplant.

Helpful products

Using shampoos that are known to promote hair growth is one of the fundamental pieces of advice you’ll get to care for your hair after a transplant. These sorts of caffeine-enriched shampoos will also help to ensure that the hair you grow is thick and full. This way, if the hair transplant itself leaves you a little thin on top, then the hairs that eventually grow will have all the volume you want.
Unhelpful products
In the short-term following a hair transplant procedure, you will be advised to minimise or even eliminate the use of chemical products on your scalp. This means cutting out those hair gels and sprays that can be damaging to new hairs that are trying their best to thrive. Wait until you have reached the point of full recovery for your hair, and until any itchiness or other side effects have worn off. Applying chemical products to your hair right away could do lasting damage to the hair transplant you’ve just spent your money on, so don’t do it!

Let the hair be free!

Another great way to care for your hair after a transplant is to allow it to breathe. When you cover your hair with hats and caps, you are depriving your hair follicles of much-needed oxygen at a time when they need as much stimulation as possible to maximise hair growth. Covering your hair with something won’t necessarily prevent your hair from growing altogether, but it will inhibit you from getting the best possible results from your procedure.
Following these pieces of advice on caring for your hair post-transplant is a good rule of thumb, but you should always consult a healthcare professional or your hair transplant specialist before you do anything to your hair transplant. They will be best positioned to advise you on the ways your body is reacting to the procedure and whether or not your hair is growing well. Hair transplants cost money to have done, and patients will need to invest time and money to maintain them afterwards. Please ensure you take in all the information from your hair transplant specialist and read any literature provided to you to fully understand how to care for your transplanted hair.
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